Baby “Chomp”

So they say that you can tell…

June 22 064

a baby is ready for solid food…

June 22 065

when they show a particular interest…

June 22 066

in what you are eating.

June 22 067

I’m thinking–get this girl some Cheetoes. Ha!

Ok, I mean mashed peaches..

organic ones…

in their own juice.

(See me later about the Cheetoes baby Chomp. Grammy will hook you up.)

Baby Dolls

So we have this very sweet, very happy, very rubbery baby dolly at our house.

Believe it or not, she smiles allll the time and she’s even starting to laugh–a lot.

The funny thing is–I can’t really prove it, because whenever I point the camera at her…

…she stops whatever she’s doing–laughing, and smiling included—

and stares into the lens.

She’s fascinated by it.

Which makes it hard to show you what an incredible smile she has…unless…

we can point and snap the shot really fast…

before she goes back into the “zone.”

I think I love this baby’s smile so much because it’s one I’m very familiar with.

Pretty sure her mama had it first.

It’s a wrap…

Finally, finally—the pink, fluffy shawl for baby Chomp is finished. Phew!


Since I’ve only been able to work on it on the weekends—it’s taken longer than usual.


I personally think that somehow…it matches her.

Happy Six-week birthday baby Chomp!

Connected- 2nd Generation

Twenty-six years ago when Lyndi, my second daughter was born, Grama brought little April to the hospital to see us and of course her sweet baby sister. Filled with new mama hormones and missing my “original baby” desperately, I was nearly in tears when she burst into the hospital room–just a few hours after the birth.

To my surprise, she ran right past me and my outstretched arms, around the big bed and straight to the isolette that Lyndi lay wrapped in. She climbed right up onto the side–with dad steadying it–and leaned over so close that she could nearly lay her head on the baby’s chest.

Because she was only 21 months old I was nervous that she’d be too rough and pokey–but just as I took her little arm to help her back down, she breathed a huge sigh, and whispered, “Ohhhh—I missed you.”

There were no words at that moment…

…and there are no words for this.


The weatherman says we may have 6 more inches of snow–in some areas–by morning. I say…bring it.

What I really wish is that it would keep coming down for three days until snow covered up the door, the windows and maybe even the roof–with only the chimney sticking out—so just for a while, we wouldn’t have to go anywhere. I hope it happens in the dead of night sometime so that everyone is home and safe and warm.

Picture it. The first guy up would look out the window—which he couldn’t see out of because it is–as I said–covered with snow. He would say, “DUDE, I’ll have to stay home from school today.”

Then the next guy up would try the door and say, “It won’t open. Guess I can’t go in to work today.”

The next one up would say, “The snow is up to the roof. We better stay inside. I think we’re…snowed in.” Dun-dun-dun.

The all of a sudden we have hot chocolate, and Brocoli Cheese soup, and garlic toast just appearing, magically–from scratch. Board games come out, book shelves are studied, puzzles are started. We would have no choice but to stay inside and read and cook and play and snuggle together with…

a sweet smelling…

fuzzy headed…

…yummy baby.

And just how perfect would that be?

“Baby Chomp”
9lbs. 3oz.
21-3/4 inches long
January 7th, 2009  8:41 pm


New Year’s Goal #4–  I will read 4 picture books a week to a couple of sweet babies who love books, or to a hatchling that is about to.