Granny Ripple For Baby

We have a couple new babies making their appearance here in the next few months–which for me, means that I have some huge hookey work to do. Babies—babies! Tons of them!! Could anything possibly be more fun?

My first project is this pretty little Granny Ripple. I found the instructions over at the Lazy Hobby Hopper. Turns out, she’s got step by step instructions for this lovely stitch and since I’ve been pining away since I first saw it, I figured now’s my chance.


I was very unsettled about the colors that the mom chose–just never seen this combo together. It worried me so much that I hesitated to even start because I just pictured myself pulling alllll those stitches out. But my worries were silly because as you can see, the colors are…gorgeous.

This is a soothing, almost sing-songy pattern that you’ll end up doing mindlessly before long. I love this kind of work because I don’t have to think about anything while stitching.

Anything, that is, but the pink, fluffy bit of sweetness that will be nestled in it’s warmth in just a few short months.

 Gr Signature

The Shop Is Now~ OPEN!


Oh, my goodness–how long it’s been since I’ve had the time to put anything new…or let’s face it, anything at all in my pretty little Gracious Rain Shop.


But the day has come, and now, after weeks of prep and focus, I finally have enough items to stock the digital shelves.


There’s still not a bazillion items, just enough I’d say. But you can be sure that what is in there, was hand made with all the love and care I could muster.


Perhaps you’ll see it in the stitches, somehow. Perhaps you feel it in the pretty little models that turned up magically and posed so politely.


At any rate, I do hope you’ll stop by the Gracious Rain Shop and check it out. Maybe something will just leap out at you and call your name. I do hope so!


If you’re so inclined, please leave a kind word or two, a tweet, a pin or a Facebook “like.” All of it helps to spread the word.

We’re baaack!

And…I’ll love you forever.

Minty Lace

100 Happy Days #5


At it again, I’m afraid.


This pattern–that you may remember from a few weeks back, was just too much fun.


It’s the perfect pattern to work in front of a movie or to ease a few more rows in before bedtime.


So soothing and nice that I actually offered to make one for my sweet little expectant niece. Yep…offered.

She wanted a cool, springy mint color for this little girlie who was due in three weeks.


Well, I finally finished it the other night and folded it up to wait.

She must have heard that her soft, fluffy blankie was ready and decided to come try it out.

New sweetheart–born just yesterday. Welcome, little one. 

Makes us all very happy indeed.

Lacy Baby Shawl


Feeling just a bit clever right now. This last little while, I was in the mood to do something I’d never done before even if it was hard. You know how every now and then a project needs to be especially intricate and elegant to fit the occasion? That’s how it felt with this project. Luckily, as with most crochet work, once you get past the 3rd or 4th row, your fingers find the rhythm and the rest is a breeze…a lacy, lovely breeze.


Then there was the edging. “Do a row of crab stitches around…” were the only instructions in the pattern. What the heck is a crab stitch?! Had to Google it to find out, but I’m now completely in love.


Turns out that the crab stitch makes a curly, rope-like edge that lays flatter than most edgings are inclined to do and I just kept setting it out to stare at it. I decided that a row of single crochet inside the double crochet row, just below the crab stitch gave it the finishing touch.


If you’re feeling adventurous or in the mood to make something a bit, well, stunning–this may just be the thing. I used this pattern from Lacy Crochet.

Go ahead. Fall in love again.


Poor Poor Baby


Oh, to watch this little Magoo, having his first real taste of this exotic, lovely treat…


one would certainly think that he was being force fed something scary…

041 - Copy



horrific even.


Certainly it must be a dreadful tasting thing. Something so terrible that it makes a baby cry…


and then gag.

Poor, poor baby.

Come on now.

Be brave.

Be strong.

Be good…





040 - Copy (2)