Books to Christmas By

Because I think I know so much, I’d like to show you some fabulous Christmas books that are big favorites around these parts. Now, because I’m terrifically old, some of these books may take some focus to find. But if you’re interested…I’ll try to help.


1. “Silver Packages” by Cynthia Rylant

Daney-boy’s favorite. An Appalachian story of how kindness can change lives.


2. “The Bird’s Christmas Carol”

Really old and really worth the search. It’s one of those stories about taking care of each other that they just don’t write anymore.


3. Dance in the Desertby Madeleine L’engle

A mother, a husband, and a young son join a caravan to help them cross the desert to Egypt. If this book had no words–the illustrations are worth the read.


4. This is the Star by Joyce Dunbar

Along the lines of the “House That Jack Built” in composition. But the illustrations by Gary Blythe (Whale’s Song) are frame worthy. Seriously.


5. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski

Mine came with an audio CD which is fun, but I would miss the illustrations. Very moving, healing book.


6. The Santa Claus Book

All I know is that my grown-up kids still love to read and laugh at this one. We’ve nearly worn our copy out. You’ll have to get this one from the library–or borrow mine. It has gone into the mysterious realm of “collectibles.”


7.  “One Wintry Night” by Ruth Bell Graham

Written by Billy Graham’s wife.  Take a few evenings to enjoy this one. They even made Christmas cards out of some of these. She begins the Christmas story from the creation of the world. Wonderful, perfect approach.


8. Countdown to Christmas by Bill Peet

Just silly enough to be a yearly family favorite. How can you beat a timeless line like, “A cool Christmas to all and a groovy New Year!” The library should have it.


9. The Christmas Carol by Lewis Carol

This is a great way to get your kids hooked on a classic. The illustrations–again–are worth the price. Just read it.


10. Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

We still love this one—couldn’t stand the movie–but the book remains one of our top favorites.

As you can see–I personally have a severe possession problem. But all you healthy people can most likely check these out at the library. That should keep your bedtimes busy until just about Christmas Eve. Woohoo!

Praying for snow…

3 Replies to “Books to Christmas By”

  1. One of our very favorites is Mr Willowby’s Christmas Tree by Robert Barry. It’s a delightful childrens picture book. I understand the whole possession problem, there’s nothing like having a copy of your own.

  2. I think borrowing books from the library is a great idea… but there is totally something about having your own. You can jump in whenever you’re able and savor it at your own pace. Not to menion how much love you can give a book of your own, without having to pay for it in the end… just buy the book and get that part out of the way! 😉 Heh.

  3. Ahhh… The Santa Claus book! That used to be the most magical book to me. I felt like I was getting top secret information. I love it!

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