Birthday Wishes

The Bald Kid tells me that we are to eat some eggs in honor of his birthday—

that he is spending in a far away land–called Siberia.

An odd place to turn 20 in–but he’s happy as a clam and learning and growing and becoming more and more of the man he was meant to be. And now–we have no more teens in our family. That’s even more odd.

Oh, how I miss this fellow.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.  We love you.

:}                                                                                                                                                                          575

6 Replies to “Birthday Wishes”

  1. Launi,
    Your posts about your son (aka bald man) always make me smile & cry at the same time! Makes me think of my missionary serving out there – although I must admit I am happy that mine is a little closer to home than yours. Doesn’t matter – the work is just as important in Siberia as it is in Michigan. Makes me proud to be a missionary mom. Happy birthday to yours.

  2. Happy Birthday Rhen! I sure miss the bald kid as well, such a ray of sunshine, EVERYDAY! The Siberians are lucky to have him in their presence and you are a lucky mama to have him :c).

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