Bathroom Redo

or UPdo or undo. You can decide.

Now then, it goes without saying, though I’ll say it anyway, that anyone who shows you their bathroom on a busy day is indeed calling you a friend…in the truest sense. Seriously, you should be so flattered.

Having had several weddings, a dozen or so hairdo tryouts, a million make-over parties, a bridal shower and too many friend sleepovers to count, in the last few months, I could pretty much pick any day of the week and call it a busy, noisy day…and mean it.

After seeing the place, you would be a believer too.

Then, one afternoon, I had a thought. “Hey,” said that inner voice, “you don’t actually have any kids living with you in this basement anymore. So, why on earth do you have guy’s shaving cream in your cabinet and strawberry body spray made in 1987, on the shelf?”

I don’t know, inner voice. I don’t know.

So the gutting began. I hope you’re picturing puffs of smoke and things flying out the door right now–cause that’s how it happened, I swear.

Hair spray, foot spray, tanning spray, baby oil, baby powder, light bulbs, lovely smelling lotion, nasty smelling lotion, travel cases, body scrub, wet wipes, pump soap, polish remover, hair brushes, mirrors, flashlights, peroxide.

Oh, and six different sized curling irons.

Is there no end in sight?

Apparently not. Soap I love, soap that makes me gag, hair gel, bath tissue, toothpaste, spare sink parts, hand sanitizer, pomade, scissors, dental floss, cleanser, essential oils and a magic eraser.

Sort, sort, sort. Pile, pile, pile. Toss, toss, toss.

Some things went in a stack to keep, some went in a box to give away, tons went directly into the trash…without passing Go and everything else went into a big bag for all those married girls of mine, to sort through, because, well–because it’s quite likely that half this stuff was theirs in the first place–a decade ago.

Next, I picked up 10 baskets from the dollar store and stood in front of the shelf for a while trying to decide how I wanted it all to be arranged. What exactly did I need, where?

In the last 35 years, I’ve never been completely in charge of a bathroom, that had no one else in it, so I was free to get rid of anything that wasn’t positively mine. What an odd sensation.

Yes, it was very odd…but kinda fun too.

And since I live in my daughter and son-in-law’s basement, and they aren’t all in love with my kitty friends, I even made a place for Beany and Jiff to eat that is more out-of-the-way than before.

I found some hookey suction cups and tacked a shower rack in the window for the my Dove soap and scrub brush. The Serenity bath bar I hang in crocheted mesh bags to keep them from getting mushy. Razors go in a suction cup toothbrush holder to keep them from sitting in water–they last twice as long that way.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty darn clever right about now.

My pretty little plants…

a flowery calendar…

and some soft crocheted rugs look just perfect…

now that it’s only me…all alone. Perfect, except for one thing.

It’s a bit tooooo quiet around here.

8 Replies to “Bathroom Redo”

  1. That is so cool (especially that you would admit the accumulation and show it)! I love dejunking – it feels like I have a tiny bit of control of something and all is right in my little spot of the universe for the moment. Hummmm – I think I hear my laundry room calling to me. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Go Lynnette-go! :} With everyone coming and going, the downstairs could use a ton bit of work right now. Sadly, it’s other peoples’ stuff, which makes it hard to figure out what to do with it all. *sigh* Onward and upward. :}

  3. @Launi,
    Solution: Boxes and free delivery service to those that have sailed away! Trust me it feels so good. And for those still home I make piles and give them 24 hrs to have it taken care of. I know big words – somehow it piles back up and we do it all over again in a few months, oh well!

  4. The re-do looks great! You worked hard and we can all tell the difference! 🙂 Way to go, Mom!!! Want to help me with a few places? 😉

  5. Launi, I came across your website several days ago and loved going through it, every single entry. So many times I heard myself say ‘Oh now isn’t that clever’ or ‘you go girl’. All of your recipes and crocheting are so creative and impressive. Watching your children and grandchildren grow and seeing your missionaries go out serving honorably was a real treat. The traditions you have are so great, conference crepes, conference note taking (even the little guys), and the balloon festival-to name a few.

    Today’s bathroom entry was spot on. A true inspiration! I am going in right now to work over and declutter my bathroom. 🙂

    Thank you, Denise

  6. You, my dear, are simply adorable, and I’m soooo glad you’re here. What an incredibly sweet comment–seriously, you’ve no idea how much it means to me. Thank you, thank you for your kindness.
    We should be friends.

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