Baby Cave Dweller

I read once that if an adult tried to follow a toddler around and mimic all of the things that they do…

in one 12 hour period, that the grown-up would only last about 45 minutes…

then drop into an exhausted heap on the floor panting and gasping for air.  Oh, I believe it all right.

Our little pixie is flitting from one thing to another at positively lightening speed–but what I don’t get is…

how do they fit all that energy into so many tight little spaces?

Never mind.


4 Replies to “Baby Cave Dweller”

  1. Love it!! It is so totally cool to watch them go through things! One of the things my girls loved when they were small, was to make a “bear cave” out of the cushions on the couch (or even a big chair) draped with blankets. It gave them a place that was “private” for reading and coloring. They would spend hours in their little cave. It kept them out of most of the other things and let me get some work done.

  2. My parent’s still have the little cabinet that we used to think was the best hide-and-seek hiding place. I can’t believe I used to fit in that thing. Crazy kids.

  3. When my daughter was 1 (38 years ago) she would go into the doll house after her bath with her plug and stay until found. Cuties all of them.

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