Away To TEXAS!!!

This is my sweet, naughty boy who moved allllll the way to Texas with his pretty wife and two kids—far, far away from…me. What nerve!

So at last, at LAST!! Rhen and I made the trek to see that wandering boy and his family. Having to wear the ridiculous mask was slightly tempered by the fact that my sweet Rhenny boy secured us seats in First Class!!

Holy Moly! The leg room! The physical body room!! You know, when you’re a…ahem…sturdy mountain woman like me–you have to think of things likt that. Anyway, it was positively glorious!!

Driving from the airport, the first thing I noticed was all the TREES! Perhaps the rest of Texas is a barren wasteland–I wouldn’t know–but this area, Spring, Texas is called the Woodlands and for good reason!!

This is a huge statue of a young man laying back in the grass, relaxing. It might be hard to see but I’m telling you, it was huge!

But way, WAY better than the trees–and they were dang awesome– are my little Texas sweethearts.

Oooooh, I’ve missed them soooo badly!

Yeah, I have a feeling, I’m going to love this lush, lovely place.

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