10 Replies to “Ooooh August”

  1. Mother Nature heard your plight… now we’ve got thunderstorms! But rain is good… and so are suckers! 🙂 yUUUm!

  2. Just yesterday, my stepson Jesse,bought a package of gummy worms from the dollar store & left them in the car for a few house. They turned to gummy soup. But once the soup hardened up again he said it was still yummy. It just didn’t look very appetizing.

    We are leaving tomorrow for the hot Arizona desert for a week of vacation. But we will have fun, even it if is too dang hot. It’s all in the attitude, right? I’ll keep telling myself, it’s cool, it’s cool.

  3. It was so funny to post this and then have the sky open up in an total hurricane…just to prove who’s in charge.

  4. I bet they were still good…and I’d have liked them better in one big blob than in WORM shape any day. We should try that on purpose–melt them and put them in the fridge and then cut them into little squares. It sounds kinda fun.

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