So I step into the bathroom a couple of days ago and happened to glance over at the tub. And what do I see?

What the heck?!

How’d that get in here?! THERE’S A MOUSE IN THE BATHTUB!!

Now, I’m not a goofy, irrational screech-er about mice or anything, but this itty bitty fellow did startle me. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen one in the house. I mean, for Pete’s sake–that’s what we have cats for!

Good grief.

They are suppose to guard us against this sort of thing. Honestly.

And then to think that mousey here just fell out of the ceiling or something and landed in the tub. That adds a new dimension to my peaceful, calming shower routine. Imagine me at 7 am—with soap in my eyes, shampoo in my hair and…



a teeny, tiny baby mouse on my head!! AAAAAAaaaaaahhh!!!!

I sense incredible potential for becoming a screamer on the horizon. I can see it very clearly in fact.

You, my friend, are fired. Clean out your desk.

I’m moving to Sparta.

14 Replies to “Aaaaaahhhh!”

  1. ummm . . . poor mouse? can you imagine how it feels, surrounded by slippery white and unable to climb out? it looks like a baby field mouse. on another similar note, stupid cats!

  2. Oh man, that is crazy!!! I wonder where he came from! I’m with you – I don’t think I’d feel the same about showering ever again!

  3. I’m sitting in the BYU SL center library trying so hard not to laugh right out loud. Come on we need the rest of the story only the way you can tell it. Chapter 2 tomorrow please. And honestly, who thinks to get their camera first in that situation – you, my friend, are a keeper. The cat not so much.

  4. I know. I almost, almost want to say that he was kind cute. Seriously, he was so little. Like the top joint of my thumb. The cats have been soooo good at keeping us mouse free for like 15 years, but I think they are getting old and tired. Pretty sure Beany would have loved that little fellow for lunch, but that would have made me sick.

  5. Nate moved the tiles around so that the loose one isn’t over the shower. He’s having the ceiling sheetrocked though, for a very good reason. :}

  6. Jillian and Lyndi took more pictures than I did. So if you think I’m bad, being such a chicken liver, you should have seen those two. They are very brave. Lyndi finally scooped him up into an ice cream bucket and Jillian took him outside to live…or perish in the periwinkle.
    To date…his fate is unknown.
    His family, on the other hand will not be so lucky. Lazy cats or no lazy cats–we don’t do mice around here. Trust me on this. I’m never good with the details, as long as their no longer with us–so to speak. I’d like to go back to “Mouse free since ’83.” Sheesh.


  7. well, now, I’m a tough ole retired Park Ranger, but will be the first to admit that mice make me scream and hop around like a big ol girl. Just looking at the pics of this makes me back up and want to run from the computer screen. So, I say you are very brave….
    update, three babies out here, two of whom were early AND during conferences I had to miss. have one waiting in the wings later this month and am wondering if anyone up there in your neck of the woods is still pregnant or not?!

  8. Oh, yes…all still pregnant up in this neck of the woods. Had a big nice baby shower the other day with quite a nice BLUE theme. Thanks so much for the pool. It’s lovely.

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