A New Exciting…


The gardener’s delight…

This will be a quick giveaway–because I want you to be able to use the garden supplies as soon as your climate will allow it. We had snow yesterday, so we’re still being a bit careful with the more fragile plants.

Prize includes:

1 pair of texture-grip garden gloves

1 set (32) biodegradable peat pots

1 gardener’s trowel

seed assortment: radish, cucumber, pumpkin, mini-white pumpkin, carrot and peas

To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll announce the winner Friday morning, May 1st—so hurry!

The sun’s out!

15 Replies to “A New Exciting…”

  1. I just started planting my seeds inside to start them. This is my first year I have planted a garden. wish me luck!

  2. I just got my garden beds up and going, I would love to have something to plant in them :). New house, new planters, new to the idea of learning how to garden.

  3. What great timing! The schedule has been cleared and the ground WILL BE PREPARED this Sat so we can get our garden going. We’ve never done carrots before – pick me, pick me so we can pick them.

  4. Oh what a very darling giveaway!! My gloves are looking pretty rawnchy. Some new ones would be delightful. How come you don’t want to plant all that fun stuff yourself?? Playing in the dirt is sooooooo fun!!

  5. Cute cute!!! I LOVE it when you have giveaways… then I have something fun to put on MY blog!!! 😉 Ha ha ha! This is a great one… perfect timing!!!

  6. I love your giveaways – especially THIS one! Neil and I are starting a garden for the first time. Hopefully all turns out well! This would be a nice nudge in the right direction! You’re awesome Launi!!

  7. I have been working on my back yard a few hours a day (weather permitting) I would love some fun new things thank for the contest!

  8. Ooo, what a great give-away! I have planted my herbs in the last two weeks.
    I’ve got: Basil (red, small and lemon), Parsley (curly and regular), Chives, Rosemary, Thym, Lemon Thyme, Curry, Oregano and some more of which I don’t know the English words. I also planted tomatoes, chillies, peppers and garlic….
    I love gardening!

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