I got brave one day about a week before Christmas and decided the bedroom carpet had to go too. It was the ugliest burnt orange piece of nastiness. Luckily, I knew there was hardwood underneath it, but I almost didn’t care. It was too gross to stay. But as you can see, even though the pad was much newer than the mummified stuff in the front room, it was still old and creepy and…this time…


wherever it was deteriorating, it stuck to the floor.


No, no…I’m not kidding. It was really stuck. But I’m a sturdy mountain woman…


so I got out the equally sturdy shop vac and scraped and hosed it all up.


I’m certain that someone much smarter and waaay more savvy about such things would have told me not to do it this way. But you know, whoever that was, wasn’t here and I was actually feeling pretty dang clever.


And this time, I dragged the creepy orange carpet outside myself. We’ll talk about the ugly porch rock some other time.


 Of course, I get that it needs the tack strips yanked off and a good, hard scrubbing…


but hey…


anything beats burnt orange…shag.

You know I’m right.

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