Five Things

Here are a few things bringing me joy right this very minute. It never ceases to amaze me how our gratitude blossoms when we focus on the good things right in front of us.

Lovely, orderly grow boxes.

Cheesy Egg Bake…it’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Sweet friends who throw incredible birthday parties for beloved characters–more on this later!

Chamomile growing outside my window.

A very hard working son and his return home.

So…what brings you joy?


8 Replies to “Five Things”

  1. My hubby home, cool mornings, sweet little girl’s birthday parties, cold water, and a pruned fruit tree.

  2. Crossing things off lists, sleeping babies who wake up happy and well rested, friends that you’ve had for a long time and plan on keeping forever, hanging out with family because you want to not because you have to, a kind sweet husband who is patient and understanding.

  3. My darling 20 month old daughter
    Crossing things off lists – my “nesting” list! (To copy Lyndi) 🙂
    Not-so-great events that led to some exciting changes
    My soon-to-be-born squishy little son
    My loving husband

  4. 5 Things:
    – a basket full of fresh produce
    – the sweet sayings of little girls (Do you like it or love it mom?)
    – picnics
    – red, white, and blue summer dresses
    – a freshly cut lawn

  5. Launi-
    I just had baby boy #3 using HypnoBirthing (2.5 weeks ago) –now THAT was a joy. My husband was able to help receive him too! A wonderful experience!

  6. Five Things…(there are billions so here are the first five that come to mind)

    1. Reading books with Anna and having her “read” along with me.
    2. Double Stuffed Vanilla Oreo cookies…another evidence that Heavenly Father loves even those people who can’t eat chocolate.
    3. Chatting with Devin during his lunch break.
    4. A really fun cleaning/organization project and time to work on it.
    5. Having the windows open so you can hear all the fun things going on outside.

  7. These are a few of my favorite things…
    Finally starting down the path that leads to getting our baby!
    Being with family, especially the little ones!
    A loving husband who ALWAYS does the dishes, because I hate them.
    Going to Utah to see my best friends and to go to an awesome Gracious Rain Party!!
    Reading a good book!

  8. Hey Launi!
    Remember me? I was one of your hypnobirthing students.

    Just thought I’d give my two cents.

    1. Food
    2. Exercise
    3. the beach
    4. songs that help me feel the spirit
    5. Family

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