The Random Road

When you blog like some kind of maniac, it is really hard not to take pictures of every single thing you think is remotely interesting, odd, beautiful or just plain nuts. The problem with that is that then, you have to find a place to use all those wildcat photos that don’t really connect to anything—just to prove that there was a point to you taking the shot in the first place.

This is that post. Be brave.

We pulled into a gas station in a remote little place and right behind it was an old school–I couldn’t really tell if it is abandoned or still in use. To tell the truth–it was more the birds that caught my attention. It was a swarm I tell you and we were completely ready to barricade ourselves in the car if they changed directions. It was a bit Hitchcock-type creepy.

Sign on a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Makes you wonder if this is some kind of combo meal or something. I don’t want to know what the burger is made out of. Yikes.


Just thought this one was kinda cute.

Please, please will somebody explain this road sign to me? M-1/4 ? Are they kidding? Is it some kind of Algebra problem or what?

And here we have L-7/10 Road. Um, yeah. Stop the madness or get help.


Off to our left was a huge mountain that honestly looked like a big pencil sketch…or sand castle. Either one…or both.

While pulling into a quaint little quilt shop I spotted this teeny tiny man carrying a laundry basket down the street and it struck me as funny. Pretty sure he was a regular sized man, but what’s with the laundry basket? Just saying…

This is said “quaint little quilt shop.” Hen House Quilts and Gifts was a lovely break from that long old road.  One or two of us spend a ridiculous amount of money here. There’s no explanation for it other than craziness…or eccentricity. Likely both. Dang fun though.

Pretty little farm house with a pretty little porch that I wanted to pick up and fly to my town. If only those trees weren’t in the way–we could actually see it.

Not such good news–but luckily, we had no intention of going that way anyhow. Take that–Berthoud Pass.

What? Really? Was someone playing a prank here?

I wasn’t fooled.

Then, from out of nowhere–buckets of snow came dumping down on us…with no warning.

Wellllll…maybe a little warning.

Dicey driving for the next 30 miles, but then, just as quickly as the storm came on…

it shut back down and we rode off serenely into the sunset…and our place.

Home again, home again,

jiggity jog.


6 Replies to “The Random Road”

  1. I love the signs. Someone was bored at work one day. 😉 There is a house like that here, it is down by the LDS cannery.

  2. Don’t be fooled… ha ha ha! That’s awesome! 🙂

    The birds made me think of Hitchcock too, before you even said anything about it.

    So… sounds like I need to blog more (or at all) because I take SO many random pictures! 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one.

  3. Yeah…it’s a chronic problem for me. How do you ever erase ANYthing anymore. Hmmmm…I might need that…sometime.

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