The Phone Rang…

I had just barely sat down on the couch to eat my dinner of soup and toast and crackers– a balancing act on a good day. But I have the skills of a ninja.

Then, my phone rang. It was REEEEALLY loud. So, loud that I jumped just the teeniest bit. It was enough of a jump that my plate with my soup bowl started to slide on one side of my lap while my phone slipped off the other side. With cat-like reflexes I swung my hands out to save the plate and the phone at the same time.


I was not successful.

I did, however, manage to drop the phone and flip my bowl of soup up off my lap and right into my purse. Yep. The whole bowl. What I learned from this experience is that there are a few places on this earth where soup just does not belong.

Make a note of that.

If you need me, I’m having cereal…

at the kitchen table.

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