The Guy Can Cook

Who knew?

Before he left for his mission, I would have bet good money that he didn’t know what ginger root actually was. Imagine my surprise to find him in the kitchen peeling and mincing the darn stuff.

And his way with yellow pepper was lovely to behold.

Dude. We’re impressed.

Next, he took some of these…

stripped, spiced and pan fried…

added his pretty vegetables…

and mixed it all together with hot pasta.

It was incredible.

Just think…a handsome man who can cook…

and give a great back rub.


Yes, yes.

It’s soooo good to have him home…

for a lot of reasons!


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6 Replies to “The Guy Can Cook”

  1. Are you trying to rent him out or something? I could use a cook around here! He is such a good guy!

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