The Dilemma

Parmesan Baked Potato Halves by Favorite Family Recipes

Here’s the thing~

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you know that it is not only a fabulous way to store things you’d like to keep forever–but it’s actually quite addictive…as in..hard to stop…pinning. So when I need a great recipe or crochet project or anything at all to do, I go there.

Streusel Pumpkin Bread From Bakingdom

Another thing you’ll notice right away is that even though you’ve pinned 65,000 yummy looking recipes–it doesn’t mean you aren’t totally overwhelmed by the lusciousness. So that’s what’s going on over here. I’ve picked 3 random recipes that look lovely, but I can’t decide which one to make. I need some help.

Lemon Squares from Living Practically

Should I make the potatoes, the pumpkin bread or the lemon squares? What do you think? Of course, you could go to my Pinterest page and choose something entirely different altogether–tell me what YOU think I should make and the recipe with the most votes will be the next item up in this kitchen.

Thanks guys…

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13 Replies to “The Dilemma”

  1. Seeing as how I’m a potato freak…make the potato recipe. Then, for dessert make the lemon squares. And for breakfast the next day, you can make the pumpkin bread for toasting. YUM!!! 😆

  2. I think the pumpkin bread looks delicious and perfect for these cooler evenings and mornings we are having.

    But to be honest with you pinterest scares the peewaddin out of me. I’ve been there a few times and am so afraid of being sucked into a big black hole so I have been avoiding it like the plague. I know I’m missing out big time but oh well…….

  3. Potatoes! Apparently I didn’t have a good enough breakfast, cause those are all making me really hungry.

  4. my husband votes for lemon bars and lemons bars and also lemon bars! my daughter also votes for lemon bars because she loves her daddy. my brother votes for the potatoes because he thinks they are awesome. but let’s face it. not only does the pupmkin struesel have EVERYTHING your heart could desire… its also “that time of year” and I am really REALLY in the mood for some pumpkin goodness! go for it! you know your heart tells you to. and its never wrong to love pumpkin bread and struesel 😉

  5. I vote for the pumpkin bread cuz the top must have cinnamon in it and cinnamon will win every time in my book! Tell April to check her email as I forwarded some reading material for Jacob to read while he eats his potatoes….

  6. Wwwweeeellllllll……., first I was going to say the potatoes, cuz I LOVE parmesan cheeeese. But then I saw that CRUnCHIe looking topping on the pumpkin bread and went : ] mmmmm. And of course, you know me and LEMON ANytHiNG! Eeeeewwwwwwww : ( ………… But then I looked closer……. And you know? Those lemon bars look suspiciously like they had my favorite yummy ingredient…… You know? The “C” word? Now you know, even sour ‘ol lemons could be improved upon with COCONUT!!!!!!!! ; ) (of course if it really does have coconut…..I know you’ll NEVER make it!) Oh well, sisters SO much alike and yet, SO different! Guess you’ll just have to make ’em all and see which one is the best!

  7. The potatoes look absolutely delectable. I agree with Ruthie! Make the potatoes for dinner, lemon bars for dessert and bread for breakfast. Tell us which one you liked the best and then we can all try the winner.

  8. Oh, I know what you’re saying–about being sucked in. The way I handle it, is to just check it once or twice a day and just leave the Pinterest tab open. Somehow that makes it much easier to just get up and do something else, instead of feeling like you’re falling into a “big black hole.” It’s been an incredible way to save recipes and crochet patterns for me though. I love it.

  9. Seriously? You think there’s cocon…coconu….NO, I can’t bring myself to say it. I looked at the picture again and I can see how you might think that…but luckily…it’s not in there. PHEW! You nut. :}

  10. Oh freak… I’m no good at voting when it comes to food. I’m a fan of a little bit {or a lotta bit} of everything! HAH! So another vote for EVERYTHING! 😉 Can’t wait to eat it, I mean, read ALL about it!

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