The Christmas Shelf

Of course this isn’t really a Christmas shelf–as in, that’s all we will ever use it for. It’s just that the very first official use of the thing was to set up a bit more holiday cheer–so to speak. Most of our Christmas storage boxes are nestled deep in the shed or back patio with 80,000 more boxes and tubs stacked on them. So, all that we are decorating with here are the new things acquired this year, or whatever didn’t get put away from last year.

Slim, but still decent pickings, indeed.

I saw this in Target one night and it reminded me so much of my daddy and all his gingerbread making skills, that it worked it’s way into my cart–at the expense of two boxes of cereal.

Had to be done.

This is a cute little “shelf elf” of sorts, that I won last year from the local toy store called Blickenstaff’s. I don’t remember what I had to do to win, but he was worth it.

My dear friend Sue made the little wooden nativity and totally fulfilled my quest to get a new little set, from somewhere each year. Thanks, Sue!

Then there is our most beloved manger scene that Rhen brought back from Kazakhstan. Here’s the little shepherd with his lamb, his donkey and his enormous dog.

Here are the three wise men with their gifts.

And of course, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus–in his wooley manger bed. Being a non-Christian country–this had to be specially and very quietly ordered, ahead of time. It’s really beautiful.


Our plan is to sleep over for the first night in the new house–tomorrow–Christmas Eve.

It’s becoming a sweet, cozy place–and guess what~

My bed is getting set up tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to me!!

Wahoo–it’s happening!

3 Replies to “The Christmas Shelf”

  1. Those glass panel windows are perfect with your Christmas feel. So glad that you got to decorate the empty space with something bright.

  2. Oh and I adore those Kazakhstan nativity sets as well. One of my favorite decorations. Even better that I’ve been to some of those placesongs that sold stuff like that while they were playing Christmas music without words in the mall.

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