Summer Wisdom

These things I know to be true…

Some damsels just aren’t interested in being rescued…they’d rather redecorate.

The perfect frame will bring the sunshine into any room.

Bruschetta is positively scrumptious with mostly fresh ingredients. More on this later.

There is only one proven way to keep wee folk out of the freezer when there are Popsicles inside.

A variation on a theme of oatmeal is still oatmeal and therefore…good for you.

Watching a cul-de-sac on fire is a splendid way to spend a summer evening.

It is perfectly acceptable–sometimes–to let someone else make the dessert.

Cottonwood is a magical, floating, fairy-like thing…unless it makes your sister sneeze–then, of course, it should be banned from the kingdom.

When you’re not quite 2, it’s really ok to be a great, big chicken.

Water really does taste best from a garden hose.

Amen and amen.

9 Replies to “Summer Wisdom”

  1. HA, I LOVE that pic of Lindi/y (?) and her little one keeping her out of the freezer! So funny!

  2. Ahhh… some serious wisdom and truths here! That is THE only way to kept Baby Chomp out of the FREAKING freezer! 😉 She’s still my favorite ever! 😀 Keep the sweet pictures coming!

  3. Macey’s~ They were giving them out one day and I asked if I could take one home. Should have asked for 3–but wasn’t that brave. The twins loved it too.

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