Lovely Florida Things

The leaves are thinking about changing in Utah, but here in Florida—Summer is still going on.

Florida 060

I think they do this warm, wet sunshine thing all year long.

Florida 062

The land is so green and lush and beautiful, but–I could swear I saw an alligator in every drop of water. Sorry. Personal problem manifesting itself.

Florida 064

We positively do not have swaying palm trees where I come from. But we also don’t have sharks, so it’s fair.

Florida 092

Something so great about standing still while the ground beneath you slides away.

Florida 099

This sea weed looked like hundreds of tiny birds’ nests scattered on the shore.

Florida 098

It rained a bit every day that we were here, but even with the clouds it was beautiful…maybe especially with the clouds…

Florida 149

No idea what kind of bird this is. If you know, then tell all of us so that we can be enlightened.

Florida 138

The Miami skyline may not look the same as  all the natural beauty, but there is something about it that makes me think of growing up in LA. It’s like standing among a thousand giants and still feeling snug and safe.

Florida 095

All nostalgic pining aside, I would still rather wake up with this in my backyard than the busy city any day. Not interested in alligators. Terribly not interested in sharks. Not particularly thrilled about barracuda. Other than those spooky things–which I never saw—Florida is a keeper.

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  1. It is so incredible. We could walk for a hundred miles and still be in water shallow enough to walk in. Ok, maybe a hundred miles is pushing it. You know what I mean.

  2. Hi
    i live near Tampa and that bird is an ibis. more commonly referred to by locals as a cow bird Because they tend to follow herds of cattle in areas where there are cattle.

  3. An Ibis? Fabulous! It even sounds exotic. Thanks for letting the mountain girl know what I was looking at. I adored your state. It is just so darn beautiful.
    Thanks again!

  4. You could walk for miles & miles & miles & miles, well you get the picture. It’s not like California beaches is it? And isn’t the water warmer in the Atlantic? I’ve never been to Miami but we went to Orlando once & spent the day at Cocoa beach. Never did see Jeannie though. And I too hate alligators, sharks, barracudas. Love the water, just hate the scary stuff in the water. Welcome back!!!

  5. My favorite Florida experience was watching the sun RISE over it. That was so odd being a western gal myself. It was a very romantic way to start the day!

  6. No, California beaches have spooky jellyfish and tons of seaweed that tries to make you think it’s jelly fish. Blaugh! But it’s also so much colder. This water was pure Heaven.

  7. Rats! I totally missed that because of the time difference and the late nights. I had trouble getting up at 7 because in my head, that was really 5am. What is it like?

  8. The “it” I referred to was the ocean of course – sorry, one of those typing too fast modes. Anyway, it actually was a little odd, mostly because I’d only experienced the sun setting over the ocean. But it was so calm and majestic – it really made me feel the beauty and power of a new day.

  9. I LOVE the pictures of the beach… I think because of the rocks! Usually beaches are just sand… which can be beautiful, of course… but I really like the big old rocks you have pictures of!

    I’m really glad that you had a nice time! I was sure hoping you would!

  10. I live in the Tampa area as well.

    This is a Cattle Egret –, it looks similar but I don’t think that’s a cow bird. Maybe they both are cow birds? Not sure.

    It is called a white ibis.

    They’re everywhere.

    The Sandhill Cranes are also everywhere and if you hit one, you’ll owe the state of Florida 1,000.00 per bird. Be careful!

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