Just had my first trip to the lighting department of Home Depot EVER–to pick out my very own, new light fixtures! If it was grammatically correct to add 65,000 exclamation points to that–they’d be there…believe me. Happy-happy-HAPpy! I tried my best to be frugal and simple and farm-housey, to the best of my ability.


But this one. THIS one is for my bedroom. (Insert huge grin right here) The guys said it was a “Victorian” light, but I say, if it’s going in my farm house then it’s a FARM house light. Neener-ha. Besides, it’s pretty.


Speaking of pretty….how’d that get in there? Must have been a mistake. Oh, well. I’m keeping it. HA!


The guys worked like mad to get all these lovely things put up–as quickly as possible. You can see that here in the front room, the ceiling still needs a bit more paint–but the light is very pretty. Real simple.


The family room lights are a bit more flat, because, for one thing, they glared less, but mostly because The Bald Guy was nervous that he’d hit his head on some fancy hanging swag-type thing. So, of course we got flat, slightly boring lights. They work fine and look nice–beyond that who really cares? It’s the family room for Heaven’s sake. Haha.


There are three of these in the kitchen–so when I take pictures of all my amazing creations–there will be no shadows anywhere! Wahoooo!


No, no. Of course this is not a light. It’s the oven that my sweet kids got me for my birthday. The one that came with the house had a broken inner window that we couldn’t replace because that model doesn’t exist anymore. Remember, the fellow that lived here built the house in 1944 and was the only owner. He passed away at age 104. Lots of stuff around here is old. It’s ok by me. I LOVE it allll.


Even the gas lamp in the front yard.

Perhaps–especially the gas lamp in the front yard.

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  1. The lights look great and I’m so glad you got to choose them yourself! What a fun trip that must’ve been. 🙂 The one for your bedroom is very you. I’m glad you let yourself get whichever one you loved the most. <3 YAY!

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