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today–if you just happened by, you would have been greeted by the lovely scent of peaches.

As you may know, we’ve had one heck of a time getting any of these pretty things in jars or bags or–well, anywhere, for that matter, besides our tummies.

But after buying our third box–a big one this time–we finally had the self discipline (or the box was big enough- ha!) to squirrel some away for the winter. With applesauce and pears and tomato sauce ahead of me, I just didn’t have the “umph” to bottle the peaches–kitchen is still too warm.

So Miss Chompy and I blanched and peeled and sliced and counted pitts…ahem…

and packed away 9 lovely bags into the freezer. There’s just something soothing to a woman’s heart about piling up food for the family for another day. Don’t you agree?

Oooh, I see Autumn smoothies and peach shakes and fruit crepes and peachy applesauce in my crystal ball.

Guess heading back to the Farmer’s Market for more peaches is also in my future.

Are you canning something this year?

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3 Replies to “In This Kitchen”

  1. Unfortunately, I am not canning this year. I have too much to do and let’s just face it….I haven’t ever canned.

  2. I should make some more jam… It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be and I have pectin already. 🙂 Thanks for letting Baby Chomp help you with the peaches! She loves working with you! 😉

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