Lily’s Surprises

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“Miss Lily Foo”


With the “recycled” sweater yarn, I’ve decided to take April’s tip and make the babies matching sweaters. This is the beginning of Lily’s. It’s really soft and delicate and so perfect for spring—and for Lily!



A pair of simple slippers that WILL stay on her feet.



Sweet Lily-foo is getting the same present as Beckham…only in a different shade of this incredibly soft, perfect for babies, yarn.


Pretty sure her surprise will be the “Very Berry” or maybe the “Barely Pink.” Hmmm….I’ll let you know…when I know.


“Very Berry” won the toss. Believe it or not…this is about to become a baby lamb.


Body and head…


Feet and ears…

Jan 13, 2009 010

make this Sleepy Baby Lamb!

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