Funeral Potatoes- Revisited

Oh, I’ve truly become a woman of the 21st century now. For you see, my friends, I’ve discovered something remarkable indeed.

It is called Frozen Southern Hash Brown Potatoes.

Yeah. I know.

Some of us are slow to jump out of the horse cart and move up to light speed.

I took the same amazing Funeral Potatoes recipe that we have used anciently, and traded the 10 billion pounds of potatoes out–those 10 billion pounds of potatoes that took a month to cook and a week to cool and hours to cut up–but I digress…and possibly exaggerate.

ANYway, you trade the old potatoes out for three bags of these little, already cooked, frozen babies and POOF! you’ve just added back a year to your life. They taste just as good and look amazing on top of it all.

Oh, the miracles and wonders of culinary science…

and jumping out of the cart.

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