Enter If You Will


How shall I describe the inside of my cute little house? Hmmmmm….

Perhaps it’s would be best to say that the owner lived to be 103 and his father built the house back in 1944. Maybe I already told you that. Well, either way, it’s important to remember because this sweet little place has all kinds of character and charm that are part of the era in which it was built. Some things we will happily keep and others…wellllll.

I passed by this house several times on the internet for two reasons. First, it was listed as having only one bedroom. And second because of the wood paneling…




the entire…


house. Not so charming.

I’ll admit that I didn’t like all the dark in the online photos, but then when I walked through the house, it didn’t bother me so much. Hey, I’m a pretty easily satisfied sort of soul.

Then when my girls went through the place, the consensus was unanimous. “Mom. Seriously. You have to paint the walls.” At first I ignored them because there was a more pressing problem.

Asbestos on the ceilings. YIKES.


So, we did a bit of research and the Bald Guy was quite confident that he could take care of it. And sure enough, in a couple of days, he gave us the “all clear.” He’s a very thorough fellow.

Of course, I was ready to move straight in at that point, but April said, “At least think about painting.” So I did what any rational person on a tight budget would do.

I got on Pinterest.  I don’t know if it was a mistake or Divine intervention but the painting over wood paneling makeovers were simply beautiful. There was no going back.

Ahem. Yeah.

We’ll be painting.

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