Don’t worry, it’s the Lortab talking.

Just got back from Mom’s house. She’s doing well, but is feeling pretty nauseated and sore. Jillian has her on a pretty tight schedule of meds, walking around, and eating. She’s a regular nurse, that one.

Overheard at Launi’s house this afternoon…

“Me and Cheetoes are NOT friends right now.”

“There’s just stuff flying at my face. Like just then. And now.”

“I feel like every time I drink water that it’s going to fall out all those holes.” (She had 4 scope holes for the surgery.)

“This is the longest time I’ve gone without makeup since I was 11.”

“I feel like a hag. Don’t be afraid of the snow white witch, baby!” (Lily and Beck were very cautious about being near her. They said hi, and wanted kisses, and then wouldn’t look at her anymore.)

“There’s like a magical guardian angel German shepherd in my eye. But it’s not weird or anything, he’s cute.”

She was trying really hard not to laugh, because it hurts. She was also trying really hard not to say anything that would make it to the blog. Um. Yeah. So she’d think of something, and then cover her mouth, and then start laughing, and then she’d moan and tell me why she was laughing, and well…

Thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts, we really appreciate it.


6 Replies to “Don’t worry, it’s the Lortab talking.”

  1. Yesterday she said, “Lortab is magic. I’m a fan.” There’s a lot more… but I think I’ll slowly reveal some of what I’ve heard as we go. She’s such a trooper poor thing!

  2. P.S. I’m reading her the blog comments too. It’s really helping her spirits to hear from friends and family–so keep it up!

  3. Mom… you’re nuts!!! 🙂 I glad you’re getting better… and hope you’re feeling great when you read this!

  4. That is AWESOME. I laughed so hard when I read about the German Shepherd guardian angel!! Launi, I’m glad things are slowly getting back to normal — and that your kids are blogging about the whole adventure!

  5. I had my gall bladder surgery this morning. Yep. I have four holes too in my belly. Launi Loo, we can compare scars!! Morphine is heaven-sent for sure. I was napping today and out of the blue I woke myself up by saying “ICE” really loud. Silly me.
    I need to come over and we cripples can go for a walk out to the mailbox and back huh? We’ll take a rest and then maybe walk to the grocery store. Then we’ll be really brave and go for a walk to the library and rent a movie and a book or two. HA!!!!

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