Take Me Home…

When you wake 3 babies and 7 grown-ups at 4 am to catch a shuttle at 5…

New York 137

so you can get to the airport at 6:30 to stand in line until 8…

New York 138

to catch the 9am flight back home…

New York 140

there really should be an agreement of some sort…

New York 143

that they will not, under any circumstances, delay the flight–

New York misc 030

for two and a half hours.

But there isn’t.

So they did.

New York 136

And the whole building found out the real meaning of the words, “sweet tempered babies” and “darn good sports.”

New York misc 032

Till finally, finally they pointed us westward…

New York misc 033

grateful that they got that wing screwed back on…

New York 146

so that we could fly, and fly, and fly safely back…

New York misc 044

to our little home…

in the mountains.




Week 21 Food Storage Prompt: 10 lbs. Powdered Milk

Wind It Up…

Day 6

New York 003

If we’re going to see it–it has to be today. Note the lady in the white T-shirt smiling sweetly at our little herd. Yeah, we got a lot of that.

New York 006

Aren’t these mounted policemen the guys who chased Santa Claus through Central Park in that Elf movie? I bet that got them on the naughty list.

New York 004

A shy bald kid at his favorite place on the face of the earth…

New York 011

Nintendo World! Gee, I thought our front room was Nintendo world. My mistake.

New York 008

The youngsters were thoroughly enthralled.

New York 010

Most of them, anyway.

New York 024

I really wanted to see where the Macy’s Parade takes place on Thanksgiving. Maybe I’m some kind of country chick or something, but I just couldn’t fathom an 8 story department store.

New York 046

By the time we went up all the escalators–I was a believer.

New York 049

This place had a McDonalds right in the middle of the store. Yogurt–yum!

New York 023

Then on to the Empire State Building. We didn’t actually take the tour to the top—

New York 041

but the ground level was really pretty.

New York 045

Speaking of ground–apparently New York people spit a ton of gum on the ground. Ewww–ah.

New York 131

Prepare now for the ultimate Subway experience. First you go in and down…

New York 089

then sometimes you have to go back up. Hooray for big burly men.

New York 016

See that gal in the green shirt waaaay up ahead? Well, she is our illustrious leader, guiding us to all things touristy–provided you can keep up.

New York 129

I’ll admit, I expected the subways to be dark and dirty and full of scary gangs and half dead people. I know, too many movies–but the truth is–they were clean and well lit and full of regular folks…just like us. See? I can be taught!

New York 128

Our destination was at the very last stop. That why the sign says, “Last Stop.” har har

New York 056

We found this lush, shady park to sit in and rest our tired bones…

New York 060

and stare out at the lovely Lady Liberty. This was my very first time seeing her.

New York 064

We just sat and thought for a very long time. It seemed like the proper thing to do. That’s the bald kid and his mom in between the trees there.

New York 075

It was really quite peaceful…sobering even. My mother’s family came here from Sweden and my father’s came from Scotland about a hundred years ago. They both saw this very same lovely sight.

New York 099

We loved the boats…

New York 091

and the chicken nuggets…

New York 101

the sea birds…

New York 108

and the mysteriously matching trees.

New York 119

We discovered that they are building a memorial visitor’s center for the World Trade Center.

New York 111

So, for now all we could do was stand back and take pictures of the Ground Zero horizon…

but it was enough.

Toyland, New York

July 16 545

Doesn’t look like any big deal, right? That’s what I thought too.

July 16 546

This, my friends–is a toy store to be reckoned with.

July 16 608

Chompy trying to say, “Hollll–Leee–Cow!”

July 16 609

A life-sized Lego Chewbacca–because we all need one of those to ward off the Vader guy.

July 16 612

A lego Batman to scare off all the other bad guys with his…

July 16 548

Bat-belt…or those shorts. They could do it too…easy.

July 16 549

Lyndi’s favorite part–a 10 foot tall Jelly-Belly soldier…

July 16 550

and all the other candy in the civilized world.

July 16 551

This is what a thousand pounds of jaw breakers looks like up close.

It looks the same far away.

July 16 554

A couple of babies enthralled with a Jack in the Box. Sheesh, you’d think they’d never been surrounded with 65,000,000 toys before…

July 16 552

or been hugged by a 6 foot bear.

July 16 562

Three stories of this. Even a Barbie wing. A BARBIE WING!

I’m sorry, did I say that twice? They even had my very first Barbie in a glass case as a collector’s item. Ok, that part was embarrassing, but if you’re wondering where the picture is…umm…well…too blurry to do anything but make everyone sea sick. Maybe I was shaking.

It was an emotional moment for me.

July 16 559

Remember the movie “Big” where Tom Hanks dances on the giant piano? Well, I’m sure at some point, I told my kids that I’d get them one of those big pianos someday…

July 16 558

Oh, yeah. I lied.

July 16 564

Lily chose a sweet dolly…

July 16 616

and Beck and Chompy met the Muppets.

July 16 565

If you look at the corner shelf on the far right—third shelf down, third bird over–you’ll see a stuffed Robin. It came home with me, to be with the Cardinal that I already have.

They sing.

Come over sometime and I’ll show you.

July 16 635

Harry Potter and all his friends…

July 16 567

absolutely, positively…

July 16 566

adore this place.

July 16 634

So did we!

City Trek

Day 5

July 16 493

Maybe it would be helpful to tell you how we planned out this New York vacation in the first place. Jacob had us sit down one evening and write down two things that we would feel really disappointed if we missed seeing. Two things might not sound like much, but with 7 adults going to one city that could be a ton of “important” places to go.

Today, we mapped out where everyone’s “not to miss places” were and realized that most of them were on the same street—5th Avenue. So, we started walking, and pointing and snapping pictures.

July 16 491

Today, it was raining and we quickly found that everyone in the state of New York has an umbrella hidden somewhere on their person–except us. How do they do that?

July 16 492

An MTV salute to SpongeBob? Help me.

July 16 500

I really like this town.

July 16 495

One of my kids said, “We have those at home, mom.” Pretty sure they meant the bird.

July 16 510

Well, we don’t have anyplace like this where I come from. I didn’t even know such a place existed. Now, I ask you–how is a rational person supposed to behave?

I’m all a quiver.

Oh, we’re going in, all right.

July 16 499

Pretty sure that my Daney Boy would always catch this football. Yum!

July 16 501

Even the Hershey’s store can’t interfere with Chompy’s nap time. How would it be to just magically fall asleep whenever you’re tired?

Wait. Maybe I already do that.


July 16 503

A store dedicated to the proposition that all M&Ms are created equal. I totally lost sight of nearly all my children and all their children in this place.

July 16 509

The bald kid and I sat in a corner and waited it out.

July 16 504

This thingy looked pretty important, so I took a picture.

It’s soup to me.

July 16 513

Oh-ho! So this is where the natives are getting those umbrellas. Very clever indeed. It did me no good though, because being hobbit-like in stature, I still couldn’t reach them.

July 16 525

Being book lovers, we needed to see the NY Public Library. This building holds over 15 million books. Sounds like our family room. What a cool place.

July 16 535

We sat outside the library to regroup and Jillian found a couple of birds that were happy to eat out of her hand. We don’t have them back home.

July 16 539

This incredible place is St.Patrick’s Cathedral. It has been here since 1879. It is actually much bigger than it looks on the outside.

July 16 540

Breathtaking on the inside.

July 16 595

While we were walking quietly around, admiring the beauty of this reverent place…

July 16 541

we looked over at sweet baby Beckham and without any prompting from anyone—

…he was so reverently—folding his arms. Babies “get” things better than we do sometimes.

To be continued…

On To Oz…

Day 4

Or New York…to you guys.

July 16 426

You know how, when it’s time to pack up and leave a hotel–a hotel you’ve called “home” for 3 days–how it’s kind of an ordeal to sort out his, and hers and theirs and ours and somehow get it all packed back into those really little shrinking suitcases? Well, we did it.

July 16 429

April even rounded up her arsenal of 843 Binkies–for the road. It’s apparently a twin thing.

July 16 440

Little dudes are ready…

July 16 443

Teeny, tiny Aunt Jillian has squeezed into her cozy spot–where no other human being could possibly fit. So, we are indeed ready to head off to the big city.

Several hours and a couple of rest stops later, we spotted signs that we were leaving the quiet, foresty, calm world that we had known, thus far.

July 16 450

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

July 16 452

“Look! Emerald City is closer, and prettier than ever!”

July 16 455

WAIT. Nobody told me about the tunnel….

the UNDER WATER tunnel!


July 16 456

Perhaps I haven’t shared with you how I feel about tunnels. We won’t talk about the underwater part.

Imagine me, with my eyes squinched shut, fingers in my ears, shrieking. Not a fan of tunnels.

Ok, ok. When I opened up my eyes, I realize that we had survived.

But it was close.

And so the city approaches.

July 16 459

Those are some mighty tall buildings, Opie.

July 16 460

And that-there is a busload of people, Aunt Bee.

July 16 461

While unloading the car we had a swarm of passer-byers make sweet comments about seeing 3 babies all in one place, and about Chompy’s new hat. Wait a second–is this the cold, mean New York, that we’ve heard so much about? Hmmm….

July 16 465

By the time we got our luggage to our rooms upstairs the place really came to life. We did learn fast that if you see something cool and stop to take a picture of it, you’ll cause an immediate 17 people pile up. The proper procedure is to step off to the side and then snap the picture. That may make a few people smile and shake their heads, like, “Oh, you tourists,” but it beats being trampled to death on Broadway.

Our hotel room was just around the corner from Time Square.

July 16 474

We found a familiar pizza joint, first thing. The guy behind the counter yelled at us–and I’m not kidding–to give him our order,  before we even stepped up to the counter.

He said, “Boom, boom, boom! What you want? Hurry! Move!” Don’t be dilly-dallying around in this town man. These folks are in a hurry.

Obviously, some of us were particularly hungry.

July 16 475


July 16 466

So many lights. So many people. So far away from home. So much to look at. So much to squeeze into the next couple of days.

July 16 476

So nice of Johnny Depp to welcome us to town.

Yeah…I feel at home already.