How The Other Half Lives

This–my friends, is what it looks like to watch an official Jazz game…

from “the box.”  You know, the box

where they feed you amazing, scrumptious food like pork loin and potatoes and cheesecake and soft fluffy rolls.

Oh, and we get to watch the amazing Jazz too. They were fabulous!

We could watch the game on the monitors, just like the folks at home…

or up really close with some hoity-toity binoculars…provided they’re turned around the right way, that is.

Hey, she’s two.

We won cool jackets and T-shirts and backpacks–just for the heck of it…

and then they fed us again!

I always imagined “the box” like a funny little crowded spot where you had to stand the whole time to see anything at all.

Yeah, was I ever wrong.

Certainly the most fun we’ve had in a long, long time–thanks to Bishop Thomas and the folks at Coke/Sprite.

How will be ever be content in the green seats again?

A Blessing Way

When my pretty little niece Emily was expecting her very first and much prayed for baby daughter–after 5 boys!–a good friend threw her a well deserved baby shower…but with a twist.

In the invitation we were told that this was not just a baby shower but would be a “Blessing Way” as well. I’d heard of them before, but had never been to one. Wanting to know more, I searched online to better understand.

Turns out that while a typical Baby Shower is a way to help parents celebrate and prepare for the new baby coming into their lives, a Blessing Way is a ceremony designed to honor the new mother and the change her life is about to make. The idea too, is that she is surrounded by the women that she loves most in the world as they offer her their love, support and blessing as she moves into this sacred place.

Isn’t that lovely?

My favorite part about this event was that we were all asked beforehand to choose a bead or token of some type with the new mother in mind. Something that made us think of her in some way.

We would have the opportunity to give her the bead and explain our choice at the party–if we wanted to. Some friends chose to write a personal note rather than tell everyone.

So much love went into each choice that just talking about it made many of us mush-heads cry. It felt like a gratitude ceremony, not only to the new mom–but for mothers and women everywhere that have blessed our lives.

At the end the beads and tokens were all strung into a beautiful necklace for mom to keep and treasure for always.

It is such a beautiful thing to be able to put your hopes and wishes into an actual physical thing that will remind a dear one that she is so loved, so blessed and so valued every day of her life.

If you’d like to know more about a Blessing Way–you can do what I did and go HERE. There are plenty of ways to add extra tenderness and meaning to a Shower for a new mama in your life.

Halloween Bash

A Halloween Party 063

At my sister’s place this time of year—there’s this big, old party. You’re welcome to come!

A Halloween Party 060

Here, the ghouls gather for games.

A Halloween Party 048

Along with Glinda and her broken bubble…

A Halloween Party 108

and a quick moving blurry gnome.

A Halloween Party 053

There are always lovely snacks…

A Halloween Party 076

and a very messy donut race…

big camera 005

with very pretty cheerleaders.

A Halloween Party 096

If you’re fast enough, you may spy a Wood Sprite…

big camera 006

a treat-eating Spidey…

A Halloween Party 045

a zoo keeper and her pet monkey…

A Halloween Party 057

and a completely mummified….ahhh….mummy.

A Halloween Party 055

Be sure to try the “Bog Slime,”

A Halloween Party 098

listen to a few really spooky stories…

A Halloween Party 068

and don’t forget to choose a prize from the basket.

A Halloween Party 056 “The Sock-muda Triangle”

And hey…you never know–you may even find your lost sock.

Cheetoes–a Completely Honest Taste Test

So many choices…so little time. What’s a Cheetos lover to do?

We decided to have a taste test to discover the winner for the “Very Best Cheetos in the World” contest.

In the running were…

Contestant #1


Regular Cheetos


Contestant #2


Crunchy Cheetos


Contestant #3


Twisted Puff Cheetos


Contestant #4


Crunchy Mozzarella Cheetos


Contestant #5

Fiery Hot Cheetos

Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the bag, because it melted through the table and kitchen floor and is no doubt on it’s way to the center of the Earth…or Hades…

and rightly so.

Next, we gathered the troops and force fed them the different styles of Cheetos and gave everyone a ballot.


Here is what we came up with…


#1– Regular Puffs–which in my unbiased opinion, are the only true Cheetos on the face of the Earth–received exactly 1 vote for 1st place. Everyone else thought it should be in 3rd or 4th place. The heathens.


#2– Crunchy–received 5 votes for 1st place even though they are deep fried and very, very bad for you, and 1 vote for 4th place.


#3 –Twisted Puffs–received 1 vote for 2nd place because they were really spongy and cheesy and good and 1 vote for 3rd place and 5 votes for 4th place, because my family doesn’t really understand the connection between puffy Cheetos and true unadulterated wisdom.


#4– Mozzarella –received 1 vote for 3rd place and 3 votes for 4th place and 1 vote for 5th place because they didn’t really taste like anything. It was weird.


#5– Fiery –received 6 votes for last place, because they were hot and nasty and deserve a cold and watery grave, except they also got 1 vote for 3rd place because Jacob’s singed tongue lava meter is all screwed up. He actually liked them.

So, as you can clearly see, Cheetos PUFFS are by far the best Cheetos in the land–even if more people actually voted for the crunchy ones.

It’s my test, and I can cheat if I want to…cheat if I want to…cheat if I want to.

(No animals were harmed in the making of this taste test…well, except for Beany who tried to eat #5 and caused a 3 alarm fire in his throat. But he’s fine now and his tongue has almost grown back.)