Organizing Craft Supplies

So I have these shelves…

…they hold tons of stuff, but honestly, there’s no order to any of it and that makes me nuts. Looking for a needle? Yeah, well, it’s in there somewhere. I really hate that. Why have stuff if you can’t ever find it?

I thought about it for awhile, and came to the conclusion that the reason for the frustration is that all the containers are different shapes and sizes, none are labeled and they’re just stuffed on the shelf–with no rhyme or reason other than they fit there.

I decided that I would see what I could do to clean all this up and gave myself a $30 budget to do it with.

Walmart is having a good deal on their storage bins and tubs right now–a January thing, I suppose. The shoe boxes were $1 a piece and I bought 20. The small 3 drawer bin was $6 and the 2 small craft sorters were about $1.60 each. That equals $29.20 plus tax. Not bad.

It took most of the day to sort all this stuff, but it was actually fun to see what supplies I have and then to give them all a place. I couldn’t believe how many packages of needles I have socked away. I’m always afraid I won’t be able to find one when I need it, so just I buy more. Sheesh…

I don’t have labels on any of the boxes yet, but since they are clear, I can tell what is in them anyway, so no big rush. This looks even better in real life, because even all the tiny things have a home. Now if I find a button on the floor, I know just where it goes.

Oh, and besides these shelves, I also have this squishy, sweet, smiling baby with a dinosaur on her head—from Aunt April.  She needs a kiss.

I have to go… :]

New Year’s Goal #7– I will organize my stuff so that everything has it’s own place. What I can’t make fit I will get rid of…somehow.