Being the blubbering Harry Potter junkie that I am–I wanted to show you this. It’s beautiful, especially if you’re a fan of the “Boy who lived”
like me.

I miss them.

Breaking Dawn–The Party!

I realize that the last post that I wrote about our Breaking Dawn Premier was clear back on November 19 and I showed you the photos of setting up for the big party.

Well, now that the holidays are behind us–

I’ve finally had a minute to post the actual party photos–which I forgot about and when I realized that I forgot I shrieked right out loud and sat right down to show you all the doings of the day…

and the fun people who joined us.

Like for instance–this cute little couple who wandered in to see what was going on, and decided to stay for cake and prizes!

It was great fun…

just being able to sit around and nibble and enjoy each others company before heading over to the show.

If you’d like to see the rest of the photos and all the winners, check out the “Events” tab– or, because I like you, you have my permission to …click HERE.

 PS–I’m still working on all the photo captions–so, be patient. :}

Breaking Dawn Set-Up

If you’ve ever seen or better yet been to one of our Movie Premier Parties–then you’ll likely recognize this scene.

But we did things a bit differently this time around.

We held a reception for Edward and Bella and a bunch of their friends in Utah.  :}

As you can see– B & E had tons of wedding gifts and they were perfectly willing to share with their guests.

We had chocolate cake with vanilla custard filling…

reception mints–seriously, what’s a reception without them?

and vanilla cake with chocolate custard filling. Perfect.

Of course, our sweet helpers–Amy, the gift girl…

Kathy–our goodie bag, set up and all around everything helper–despite the fact that she is expecting a little “nudger” of her own in January…

Tracy– our cake server sweetie…

April–our prize photographer. Apparently, this movie brings out the romantic side of some people!

and Lyndi our Goodie Bag organizer and theater seat coordinator. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this such a wonderful event!

Watch for more photos in the next few days–when they come from the photographer. Honestly, we had– So. Much. Fun.

Oh, and the movie was incredible too!

Up To My Neck…

in this…


and all this.

Not to mention this…

and this…

and lots of this.

All because of this.

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Only two more days till the Breaking Dawn Premier! Wooohooo! Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win the very last ticket in our theater!

See you there!


Happy Birthday Mom…

I miss you.