Mommas’ Breakfast


Ooooh, baby–do we love Kneader’s! Especially the Saturday before Mother’s Day.


They make a big old fuss over moms for breakfast that day. It’s all you can eat Cinnamon Swirl French Toast and strawberries.


You know us. We’ll take any occasion to be together and have a party especially if someplace like Kneader’s is throwing it. We are totally in.


It’s what we do, after all.


Since I had to teach a class right afterwards, I figured protein was a better bet for my brain than sugar. So I ordered a ham and egg sandwich on whole wheat, and donated my French Toast to the first giant bald guy that I saw.


He knew exactly what to do, without missing a beat.



{ To Every Mother }

This non-denominational video message for Mother’s Day has been produced in association with several faith groups to remind people everywhere of the importance of families.

Happy Mother’s Day my friends.

Mother’s Day Getaway~ 3

Day 1 ~Afternoon~

After the glorious breakfast at Kneader’s and our fabulous total foot make-over, we packed up and hit the road for Park City.

The guys booked a weekend stay at a condo in the former Olympic Village

Ooooh–it was a pretty little place with positively everything that we needed for a perfect time.

I’ve always dreamed of going on a vacation or cruise where we has some kind of group room or suite where we could all be together and still have our own space when we needed to. Well this, my friends, was exactly such a place.

The kitchen was enormous and stocked with dishes, silverware and every small and large appliance that you could think of…

and a huge dining room table that seated nearly every one of us at the same time.

This was my room with an incredibly high bed. No kidding, it was so tall and puffy that I had to stand back and jump up on to it. But oh, my goodness—it was soft! I felt like that princess with all the piled up mattresses…and the pea. Except no pea.

I did, however have to bring my own Cheetoes.

It’s fine.

I’m used to it.

Dane is in Texas working so Kortney brought her sweet friend Emily along–who we positively love.

They shared the bunk bed room.

April and Jacob and the kids had the master suite. The kids slept on a mattress in the walk in closet. Lyndi and Nate stayed in a second master suite in the basement. I didn’t get a picture of it or Jillian’s room for some odd reason.

The deck came with a barbeque and a lovely little jacuzzi…

that was a huge hit!

It was an easy place to just make ourselves at home.

That is, before hitting the outlet stores for some major shopping and…

well, I’ll save the rest for tomorrow.


Mother’s Day Getaway~ 2

Day 1 (cont.)


April’s idea of a lovely Mother’s Day treat was for all the ladies in the family to head on over to The Clique in Lindon, to get a pedicure–all at the same time! Now I’ve never had a pedicure before in all my life and I have to say–it was positively heavenly!

First they soaked our feet in these little warm jacuzzi foot baths. Some of us ancient folk had to have double time in this phase. Ok, so these old feet haven’t been baby soft in a long time–so between you and me, I didn’t mind the extra time and attention. It felt fabulous!

I always thought that I’d be mortified to have a foot massager give me a foot massage or rub warm lotion on my legs and feet, or that I’d be too embarrassed to just sit there and let someone else do the work of making my feet…actually pretty. But the ladies at The Clique were just adorable–they helped us all feel relaxed and comfortable–so comfortable in fact, that I nearly fell asleep at one point. And oh, how good it felt to just sit back and let it all happen.

After nearly an hour of pure pampering, there was only one thing left to do…

–choose the perfect color! And choose we did–each matching our…um….unique personalities. Then, some of the girls found the perfect boots to go with those fancy new feet. But we’ll be wearing sandals for a while yet. I mean, honestly, no way we’re hiding these pretty little pinkies.  :}

If you haven’t had a pedicure before–do it, do it! Your toes will thank you. And if you’re in the neighborhood–check out The Clique. Sincerely, our feet never felt so good!

Thanks, April~we love you.

Clockwise from the top we have mine, then April’s, then Lyndi’s, then Emily’s and Kortney. Jillian’s weren’t quite finished when we got the picture. But she chose a beautiful pink with silver glitter.