Free At Last!

We let them out into their yard as a trial run–and then didn’t have the heart to put them back in that silly little tub.


So, I’m afraid this is home now–come rain or shine.

Pretty sure they love it.

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Tight Space


Well, it’s time. These little girlies are getting so big that their tub-housing just isn’t going to cut it anymore.


We’re working on getting their coop set up outside as quickly as possible. If the weather would just cooperate and warm up we could put them in a run outside–once we have one.

I’m afraid if we don’t hurry…


they’ll go house hunting, on their own!

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Chicky Conference


We’ve been trying to hold the baby birdies as often as we can so that they are people friendly when they get big.


So, while our church’s General Conference was on tv we decided to take the girls out and hold them one at a time.


Rhen’s a bit partial to the Russian chickies, so he only really holds them.


But look how cool their feathers are growing in. They are only a whopping 3 weeks old, but I’m amazed at how fast they are growing.


Even though I was playing with this cute little sweetie, I promise I was still listening to conference.


Well, most of the time.

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Happy Easter–Egg!!

I have to admit, Easter caught us a bit off guard this year. ¬†Easter in March is just…you know–weird. It’s still cold out and there’s not too much Spring yet. Who decides these things anyway?

IMG_1901The kids declared that an egg hunt was in order–whether or not Spring had officially sprung.

IMG_1903And what child will ever argue with a basket full of Easter eggs with tons of surprises inside?


The big “kids” were thrilled at the prospect too.


Back in my day–when I was the mama filling all those eggs for my babies to find–we just packed those suckers with as many malt ball eggs and jelly beans and gummy bunnies as we could get our mitts on.

It’s a wonder all their teeth didn’t fall out. Sheesh.

But this year–my smart cookie daughter, came up with an idea that would give the kids just enough sugar in the plastic eggs to give them a buzz–but not so much that they’d run around the coffee table 45 times in 2 minutes.

She loaded some of the eggs with plastic coins that the kids could turn in to the Bunny Store, for cute little prizes. Good thinking girlie.


Candy-schmandy. What’s sugar compared to a Sponge Bob kite and a pink bunny face mask–I ask you?

The little peeps were thrilled beyond belief.


And we still found plenty of surprises in the eggs.


My Sweet Babies


Look how big my babies are getting after only a WEEK!


Their wing feathers are growing more visible now. Oh, and we have..ahem…two more than we had last week.


The new girls look a lot like the black stripe-y Barred Rock, but they’re more black–at least for now. But get this–they lay eggs that look like CHOCOLATE Easter eggs.

Yeah, I really didn’t have any choice. I had to buy them.

I gave them a little pile of weeds and they LOVED it. Of course, they think they are all grown-up–pecking and scratching like big girls–but in reality I don’t think they actually ate much.

But they are so dang cute!

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