On It Goes~


Just added a couple more pretty pillows to the shop. The ponies were Miss Chompy’s idea because she came with me to the fabric store. No, there wasn’t any passing up this fabric. The second I had one made–she claimed it. Luckily, I made a few more.


Had just enough of this fabric for the Viking’s fan to get one- and one more for the shop.

Fun little roll I’m on these days.

Gr Signature

The Shop Is Now~ OPEN!


Oh, my goodness–how long it’s been since I’ve had the time to put anything new…or let’s face it, anything at all in my pretty little Gracious Rain Shop.


But the day has come, and now, after weeks of prep and focus, I finally have enough items to stock the digital shelves.


There’s still not a bazillion items, just enough I’d say. But you can be sure that what is in there, was hand made with all the love and care I could muster.


Perhaps you’ll see it in the stitches, somehow. Perhaps you feel it in the pretty little models that turned up magically and posed so politely.


At any rate, I do hope you’ll stop by the Gracious Rain Shop and check it out. Maybe something will just leap out at you and call your name. I do hope so!


If you’re so inclined, please leave a kind word or two, a tweet, a pin or a Facebook “like.” All of it helps to spread the word.

We’re baaack!

And…I’ll love you forever.