The Instruction Manual

“In our lives, He who knows most about us, our potential, and our eternal possibilities has given us divine counsel and commandments in His instruction manuals—the holy scriptures. When we understand and follow these instructions, our lives have purpose and meaning. We learn that our Maker loves us and desires our happiness. In an incomparable manifestation of this divine love for us, he sent his Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.”

M. Russell Ballard


“We do not obtain our heavenly reward by punching a time clock. What is essential is that our labors in the workplace of the Lord have caused us to become something. For some of us, this requires a longer time than for others. What is important in the end is what we have become by our labors.”

Dallin H. Oaks

Packing Up…

When Dane was getting ready to leave–for Lithuania…

he was quite determined to take all his precious belongings with him.

Strangely enough, no matter how he rearranged things–these particular gems just wouldn’t fit in the suitcase.

He comes home in a couple of months—at last, at last!

Isn’t he in for a surprise when he sees…

just how grown-up the little gooney-birds have become? Not to mention the sweet pea that he’s never even met!

I’m chanting…

June 10th…June 10th…June 10th…

Things I’m Loving

right this minute…

Little fingers that are learning magical things…

Gum wrapper chains…remember them?

…stay tuned!

Candy too pretty to eat…well…almost.

A new headband with every color in the universe.

Finding a cozy home for some dear friends

A busload of brand new snow…

Chocolate marshmallows. Yes, I said CHOCOLATE marshmallows. Why’s it taken so long to think up that cool idea?


A new, Diva Pink and Silver BagBag in the works…

A far away boy walking in the snow…

Real, live Oreos with real, live footballs on them. Oh, my-my.

Ok, Perhaps there is life after heartbreak.

What about you? What are you loving right this minute?

For Goodness Sake

with investigator

Every noble impulse, every unselfish expression of love, every brave suffering for the right; every surrender of self to something higher than self; every loyalty to an ideal; every unselfish devotion to principle; every helpfulness to humanity; every act of self-control; every fine courage of the soul, undefeated by pretense or policy, but by being, doing, and living of good for the very good’s sake–that is spirituality.

David O. McKay