The Heart Bag

I made this for one of the little sprites quite a while back and realized that I never posted about it for some reason.

It’s a pretty little thing–don’t you think? I was surprised that it went together as quickly as it did. Which turned out to be a good thing because the pixie that was waiting for it, had a tendency to check on my progress every few minutes.

I’m hurrying…I’m hurrying. Sheesh.



Get the pattern yourself from right Here.

One Very New Trick


 I have seen so many crochet projects, over the years, that have been intriguing to me for one reason or another, but nothing like changing colors on the same row. I was certain that there was some kind of magic to it, a secret, perhaps that has been ferreted away by grandmothers throughout the whole history of crocheting…stuff.


So, when I found this pattern for a lovely Chevron handbag that was too dang cute to resist, I figured now must positively be the time.


Then, checking in my closet yarn stash, I found that I had EXACTLY the right amounts of EXACTLY the right colors of yarn. The stars were alining just as they should! So, I started one evening and discovered to my utter astonishment, that it was…easy.  Oh, happy day~ oh, happy da-ay!

I believe I am now officially addicted.


So, if you’re calling, or coming over or looking for me or wishing I’d answer my email or the phone or the door or make my way to the surface or call the mothership or come up for air…

I make no promises.

This old dog has learned a new trick.

And I’m pretty darn happy about it.

I’ll send up a flare when I’m finished.

Watch for it.


Stained Glass Crochet


I’ve found the perfect late-night-in-front-of-the-tv-type project. You know, the soothing kind that keeps the hands busy-busy while the mind just starts shutting down for the evening.


This is the afghan project that my dear Daney boy and his Kortney chose many months ago. With them not quite so close anymore, I figure, now’s the time.


It’s called the “Stained Glass” afghan from Annie’s Attic and oh, myyyy is it ever fun. Some nights, I can barely put it down.


The whole design of the motif changes with every round, which of course spurs me on to finish each of the twelve, if for no other reason than to see what it’s going to look like next.


I’ll keep taking pictures of the progress though because this fun thing might just be hard to give away in the end…

that is…

if those two weren’t so dang cute.


Crocheted Grammy Star Pattern

Here’s sweet little star shaped motif that I’m going to call the “Grammy Star.” You only need three different colors for each star. Of course, you can work with however many sets of colors you want so it’s a great way to use up your smaller pieces and skein ends.

As I love to do, I’m using Peaches and Cream, 100% cotton yarn–because it comes in every color imaginable and because I love the natural soft feel of cotton.


With color A, ch 6, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch 2 for first hdc, 11 hdc in ring, sl st to top of beg ch. Fasten off.

Rnd 2: Join color B in any hdc. Draw up 1/2″ lp, yo, draw up lp, yo and through all lps on hook (beg puff st completed), ch 1, (yo and draw up a lp) twice in next st, yo and through all lps on hook (puff st completed), * ch 3, puff st in next hdc, ch 1, puff st in next hdc, rep from * around, ch 3, sl st to top of first puff st. Fasten off.

Rnd 3: Join color C in any ch-3 sp, ch 3 for first dc, (dc, tr, ch 3, tr, 2 dc) in same ch-3 sp, sc in next ch-1 sp, *(2 dc, tr, ch 3, tr, 2 dc) in next ch-3 sp, sc in next ch-1 sp, rep from * around, sl st to top of beg ch. Fasten off.

Shape your star by gently tugging at the star points.

Otherwise, it may just look more like a flower than a star. I do suppose it’s pretty either way.

My favorite thing is how they just fit so snugly together. I haven’t sewn my stars together yet, because I haven’t made up my mind about what these little stars are going to be when they grow up.

Any suggestions?

Winter Warmth

Three years ago, today–the world…well, my world at least, was covered over with bits of yarn and crochet projects in every room of the house. Some were for Christmas, some were for the new baby coming, and some were because there must be something on that silly hook–at. all. times. The project for this day, back then, was a pair of warm and toasty slippers for my Dane in Lithuania. It has always fascinated me how much warmth can be created from a piece of colored string.

Not too much is different these days–only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. There are bits of yarn everywhere–to be sure, and slowly progressing projects in every room–as always. Various hats and scarves for Christmas gifts, soap bags and Toddler Winter sets for the shop, and because I can’t help myself–there will be more slippers…big, huge ones this time, for the Bald Kid in Siberia–out of thick, bunchy wool, I think.

Soon enough, we’ll be nesting again and finding all the ways there are to keep a winter baby warm and snugly.

I think—quite certain, in fact, that it will involve a few balls of colored string.