Boatload Trail Mix

100 Happy Days #16

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Long, long ago, when I had a house full of youngsters, and I had a Costco card of my very own and enough money and inclination to shop for my voracious children–I would often buy that big industrial size bag of Trail Mix. It would seriously last about two days–and that’s if I hid it.

I haven’t actually brought one of those bags home in a long time because our numbers have dwindled and it wasn’t exactly cheap. So I got to thinking the other day, “just how hard could it possibly be to make my own trail mix?” I mean, really–it has like three ingredients and from what I could tell, somebody just dumped them in the bag together, and shook them around. Heck, I can do that.

So, the Bald Guy and I went to Winco and zipped over to the bulk section. Here’s where it got fun because…well, I had no idea there were so many different kinds of raisins–never mind all the other dried stuff. I got a bit carried away. As I bagged up the regular raisins, then golden raisins, then ruby raisins and moved quickly to currents and dried cranberries I heard my cute boy saying, “Ahhhh, mom–those are some big bags.”  I ignored him. It was for the best.

Next came salted peanuts–a busload, and one measly bag of M&Ms. What we ended up hauling out to the car was quite laughable, really. Especially when you think that the reason I didn’t buy the Costco kind was because the bag was too big and it cost too much. Yeeehaaa. We won’t talk about what all that cost, but I”ll tell you this-

it took two of my dad’s BIG (not kidding here) bowls to mix it up and nine gallon Ziploc bags to store it. It was lovely stuff. And it made me dang happy.

And fear not…I shared…with a boatload of fine people.

Partly because I’m very kind and generous….

but mostly because I wanted the world to think I made that much on purpose.

:} Heh, heh.

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