A Fairy Boy…

from a sweet friend in far away Portugal. Isn’t he just amazing?!

I never expected anything so gorgeous to just appear on my porch, out of the blue…like magic.

But there he was with his spindly little legs–carved out of a tree branch– I think…

and adorable smile. Ooooh, I could just eat him up! In fact, I’m going to hang him on the canopy of my bed so that I can see him all the time and just let him make me smile.

I positively LOVE him to bits!

And you too Teresa. Thank you so much for your kindness, and your generosity and most of all, for knowing just how much I love the fairy folk, and all the love and sparkle they bring to our world…





PS~ Happy Summer Solstice everyone. Did you know that today is the longest day of the year? To celebrate, I’m going outside to walk around in my bare feet and…you know…connect with Mother Nature. Then, I think I’ll come inside–where it’s cool–and eat an apple or something.

What Summer-y thing are you going to do today?

7 Replies to “A Fairy Boy…”

  1. Oh how adorable! Love it! There is something way fun about having things from far away; they always have a unique look.

  2. That is so unique – I’m very happy for you to have the little fellow watching over you. Enjoy!

  3. Dear Launi 🙂

    I was really trying not to spoil the surprise 😉
    I´m so glad you loved him, as I did when I saw him and thought it was
    just perfect to add to your collection. It´s all hand carved and
    painted for a very special person 🙂 He will love and protect you and
    your family, because you are amazing!

    Lots of love


  4. You are adorable! Thank you sooo much. It was such a happy surprise. Now whenever I look at him, I’ll think of you. :}

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