A Dreadful Deed…Undone


When I was a young pup–ok, about 34–out shopping with the family, I spied a cable-knit sweater that…ahhh…struck me. I don’t know why exactly, but I needed the sweater. So, being sweetly conniving at that young, tender age, I devised a plan. I told my husband that he would look so great in this sweater-knowing full well that he’d wear it a few times and toss it away and it would ultimately be mine! (Incert evil laughter here). My wicked plan worked…to a point.

Oh he did, indeed, wear it a few times, but he never would toss it. In fact, if I ever mentioned giving it away to the needy–in this case- ME–he would rally around the silly thing and wear it a couple more times, then tuck it away again.


I know what you’re thinking, but no, I couldn’t just ask him for the sweater. Trust me, it wouldn’t have worked. My dreadful deed would have been discovered–the risk was just too great.

Perhaps it was my guilty conscience, but it began to feel like the sweater was…




Creepy thing.

Well, I came across “the sweater” the other day–in an ancient mending basket. You know the kind that has clothes labeled 4T when your youngest is a senior in high school. Yeah, ancient. Anyway, there was this sweater sitting smugly,  just coming apart at the seams and waiting to be rescued.

sweater-012snip, snip here…

Ha! I thought. I don’t actually feeeel like mending the sweater that has taunted me for 10 years. Why…I…oughta…





sweater-016snip, snip there…


Now, I have a total of 6 big balls of lovely yarn, just waiting to be magically transformed into something else…

…this time




7 Replies to “A Dreadful Deed…Undone”

  1. AWESOME. I think this may be my favorite post so far. Seriously.

    Don’t you think there might be just enough yarn there for 3 sweet matching spring sweaters for 3 sweet grandbabies? Maybe with a different color accent color for each? Wink, wink…

  2. after all, whats one more project bag! and it is for the babies!! arent we just suckers for the little ones! my little guy just has to look at me with his big blue eyes and smile and say please and he knows I will do just about anything for him!

  3. I think your math is a little off. 34 + 10 does not add up to 50. lol.

    I would have thrown out the sweater if it were me. But you are a better person than me I guess. Or more green. Probably both.

    Be sure to post photos after you are done recreating something from it.

  4. Good point Kim–but do I reeeeally have to focus on those numbers? :] Ok, fine, the six years that it was in the mending basket don’t count! Out of sight, out of…ahhhh….taunt! Ha ha!

  5. I liked that sweater… I KNOW it didn’t spend a whole 6 years in the basket because I’ve worn it WAAAY more recently than that! 😉 I agree with everyone… you’ll have to tell us what you did with it.

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