100 Things To Be Happy About

Please read these with your own list in mind. Post your “happy stuff” at the bottom and we’ll see how many we can get…

  1. These particular children


  2. These perfect grandbabies

  3. Lyndi's computer 008
  4. 3.  Missionary boy phone calls on Christmas daywith-elder-vehawn 4. Fleece slippers
  5. 5- A bag of Cheetoes–baked not fried       cheetoes
  6. Painted toenails
  7. The smell of real Christmas trees
  8. A well stocked bird feederblue-birds
  9. Picking raspberries
  10. Real Hot Chocolate with real whipped cream
  11. Wearing pigtails
  12. Striped socksclipboards-037
  13. Bright pink mittens
  14. A reading lamp
  15. scotlandMen with Scottish accents
  16. Baby kittens
  17. Stone cottages

    cottage2from “the Holiday”

  18. Cherries from a roadside stand
  19. A backyard full of autumn leaves


  20. Thundery rainstorms
  21. Cheerios
  22. Snowed in with everyone home
  23. Gas prices right this second gas-prices
  24. The power of prayer
  25. Thatched roofs
  26. “Baby First Step”presents-020
  27. Indian corn
  28. Music boxes where you can see the insides
  29. Porch swings
  30. A sister   ward-campout-2008-9
  31. Baby kisses
  32. Pecan logs without cherries
  33. Pumpernickel bread with Swiss cheese    pumpernickel1
  34. The picture book, “The Relatives Came.”
  35. Old photos of total strangers
  36. Caramel apples
  37. Seabiscuit
  38. Metal crochet hooks with taped handlessnow-08-025
  39. Christmas lights in very tall trees
  40. Canopy beds with curtains
  41. PeeWee baby dollshoney-and-babies-020
  42. Football games
  43. Very old houses with very old trees
  44. Jack in the Box tacos
  45. Border’s gift cards
  46. Surfer hair

    sunshine Sunshine from “Remember the Titans”

  47. Crocheted dust ruffles
  48. Old buttons
  49. “Little Lost Baby”


  50. Lousia May Alcott books
  51. Beloved crazy people with New Year’s fireworks  new-years-eve-2009-015
  52. Being read to
  53. Flute music
  54. Beany my lovehoney-and-babies-030
  55. Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears

  56. Farm houses
  57. A Brother   lyndipictures2-122
  58. Embroidery scissors
  59. Rainbow Britehoney-and-babies-014
  60. The “Out of Africa” soundtrack
  61. Summerfest copy-of-summerfest-2008-101
  62. Peter Brinholt music
  63. Cable tights
  64. Light purple
  65. Cinnamon pinecones
  66. Mourning doves     dove-in-the-pine
  67. Creamers
  68. Rootbeer floats in grama’s backyard
  69. Christmas cards with photos inside
  70. Letters with foreign stamps


  71. Wind chimes
  72. Gift baskets with really cool stuff
  73. Jane Austen movies
  74. Wool Felt
  75. Kilts   andrew-j-237
  76. Pink malt balls
  77. Babies born gently
  78. Snapset pools
  79. Maxfield Parrish paintings
  80. Baby fingers and toes   honey-and-babies-035
  81. Cute boys with big feetdec-31-001
  82. Freeze dried ice cream
  83. Church steeples
  84. Old friends that come back
  85. Icicles  dec-24-2008-092
  86. Waterfalls
  87. Free range giraffeswild-giraffe
  88. Button up sweaters
  89. Goose Girl
  90. Twelfth Night
  91. Christmas Eve     christmas-eve
  92. Stuffing
  93. Kisses on the hand
  94. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  95. Pastry Blenders
  96. Little girls in dresses and tights


    by Eloise Wilkin

  97. Pink and purple petunias
  98. Ballet Slippers
  99. My sweet Mom

  100. My cute daddy


8 Replies to “100 Things To Be Happy About”

  1. My you have a way with words – you can even make lists enchanting. Thanks for helping me remember many thankful things I left off my list. But really “freeze dried ice cream”???
    Here’s to 2009 and the 100’s of thankful things that await us.

  2. Awesome list!!! 🙂 I love that you put pictures in too!!! There are sooo many more though… let’s keep going!!!

    And yes… Lynette freeze dried ice cream is freaking GREAT!!! 😉 I eat it!!! ***:D***

  3. I think you all are about the most well rounded people ever to come to this earth. You enjoy sooooooooooooo many different aspects of life and I think it’s so terrific. Thanks for your comments and love on my blog and yes I’m in for a movie night. Things that make me happy are: Letters from Missionary sons, music, flowers growing in the yard, fruit trees to pick from and eat sweet juicy fruit, having a quiet afternoon to myself, playing board games with friends or family, listening to people sing who have beautiful voices (something I’ll have in the next life), and reading friends blogs!!

  4. Great list, some of those bring back great memories…

    heres a few to add

    Webcam so I can see and talk to my loved ones that are far away
    Phone calls from a 3 year old grandbaby to say “I love you Grams!” and text messages from my kids that say they love me and to have a blessed day!

  5. 1. mornings where your husband gets up and feeds the kids and dresses them without waking you up.
    2. having money to pay for what you need and can do without the want.
    3. soon to be 3 beautiful girls that love each other more than I did with my own siblings.

  6. 1. Hot breezy summer days and cool, loose clothes and sandals
    2. having my husband cuddled up by my side instead of deployed in the war.
    3. Eating a perfect, fresh, delicious meal with people you love
    4. Being in awe at something so beautiful, that you forget yourself and are encompassed by the emotions it brings to you.
    5. A warm summer night with crickets chirping while you sit out of the porch reading a book occasionally reminiscing about a night like this when you were younger.
    6. The amazing, fulfilled, proud feeling you get after a great run where you feel like you have the power to achieve anything
    7. Having the confidence to look in the mirror and say “god I’m goregous” and paying no attention to what the media says beauty is
    8. Marking something off your “to achieve this year list” and feeling the pride of accomplishment swell inside you,
    9. The moment you realize the person you’ve secretly disliked is infact disliked by everyone in the office. (terrible, I know)
    10. Knowing that whatever terrible event happen to me, no matter how bleak or torturous, that I will have my husband, family and friends ALWAYS there to pick me up, dust me off and help me through it

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