Harry Potter 7.2 Prizes

Scroll over the prize photos to read the shop names–find the links to each shop below.

Our Gracious Sponsors

We would like to thank all our amazing sponsors and invite you to visit their shops online.

Abbots Hollow Studios

Absototely Crafty

Accio Crafts

Alexandra the Great

Angie’s Store

Antiquarian Boutique

BAW Stamped Design

Beasley’s Brewing Bottles

Beauty In Beads

Blowfish Bazaar

Body Upholstery


Book Beads

Book Wormie

Bottle Cap Charms

Bottled Wonders

Bouncing Ball Creations


Brodie H. Brockie

Broken Quill Creations

Casual Crochets

Charm Studio

Chica and Jo

Cissy Pixie

Closet Geekery

Cosmic Fun Palace

CosPlay Props

Crafty Chrissys

Crafty Girlie Pies

Creative Etching

Crochet 4 Play

Culture Revolution

Custom Curiosities

Deep End Design

Designs by Jae

Diagon Alley

Duck Tape Designs


Ella Dean Design

Enchanted Craft

Evelyn Mae Creations

Evie Tees

Faerie Jewels

Fantastic Visions Design

Fantasy Treasures

Flourish and Blotts

Forever Young Shoes


Geek Stop

Good Yarns

Grievous Angel Designs

GrOglmann’s Retro Jewelry

H-chan Clothing

Hale Center Theater

Hey Freddie Handmade

Hot Apple Pie

Jaidie Bug Boutique

Jera Sky

Julie Bug Crafty

Jumblehut Studios

Jumping Elephant

Last Days of Forever

Lavender Rose Gifts

Lexic Alley

Lins Things

Lucky Keelin


Mad Science Creations

Magical Treasures


Miss Friday’s Freakshow

Mistress Jenny

Mud In My Blood


Orchard Works

Owl Post Magic

Pampered Chef

Paramore Artworks

Parsnip & Pear


Patch Bucket

Pemberly Lane Designs

Pig Fuzzy 16 Crafts

Pirate Crafter

Pixie Dust miniatures

Prairie Grass Patterns


Ravy 17

Refined Pallet

Sandra’s Gifts

Sassy Patches

Savvy Ally Cat

Scott Johnson

Shashamane Photography

Somebody’s Stuff

Special Meat

Summer Shadows

Surfhound Soap Company

Susie Q Designs

Swingin Martini’s

Swire Coca Cola

Tabitha Mounteer

Tangled Charm

The Clay Peddler

The Jewelry Sheller

The Little Schremlin

The Mad Crafter

The TN Preacher’s Wife

Thrive Foods

Trifles & Whimsy


U Cheekey Monkey Designs

Wear Words

Wee Knit

White Konigin

Wolfbird Studios

Worts and Cunning Apothecary

Young 4 Ever




3 Replies to “Harry Potter 7.2 Prizes”

  1. This truly was a gargantuan task! Thank you from both sponsors and winners (hope to see them soon) for getting us together with the least amount of effort on both our parts. I truly wish you Felix Felicis!

  2. Holy Guacamole!!!!! Its all I can say!
    So many very awesome prizes everyone donated!
    I am honored to be included in such a cool group of crafters!
    Nice job on all the pics….that took some time! I recently helped my daughter with a fundraiser for a little boy with a life long illness and I was in charge of the raffle…..I had to take pics of every prize and I know what’s involved in making sure you get a good pic, get the right donor and lighting and placement, desription, email address…..etc…….
    and you had lots of prizes! I am truly amazed…..

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