Odd Little Storm


So, it’s April, and we have our green leaves and budding trees and flowers popping up all over the place and POOF!

We get this.


At first we thought that it was just a flukey little fly-by storm…


but it just kept stopping and starting, over and over…


for two days!


I kept thinking, “Oh, sure. NOW it snows.” Just when we’ve given up on any winter and started wearing flip flops.


Don’t get me wrong–our poor mountains can use the snow pack–we’ll take it. But we watched for snow. We begged for snow. We prayed for snow…3 months ago.

Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor.


Gr Signature

Blooming Trees

100 Happy Days #39 010

Ooooh, I’m snapping my camera as fast…




I can.


Because all this pink magic, simply refuses to stay for long.

Only a few days actually.


And then no matter how much we whine and fuss, it all starts coming down.


Mother Nature– the lovely, luscious, litterbug.

Say that three times fast.


Ready Indeed


We are sooo ready for this spring stuff to really truly get here and stay.


The trees are flowering…


and snowing petals everywhere.


The periwinkle is blooming all over the place…


and the crazy old blueberry bush has kicked back in.


So much of the yard is cooperating  just as it should…


and the back grass is finally, FINALLY green.


Yesterday the Bald Kid tilled up the garden patch and dug in all the old weed control newspapers that were still hanging around from last year.


And I’m learning how to use my dad’s very cool composter to make our hard old Utah clay just a bit more wonderful.


Pretty proud of our compose in progress–oh, do be proud of me.


But the best part is that my little patch, the one that’s kinda mine, well, it’s getting an overhaul this week.


We’re pulling out all the weeds and any other odd things we find, thinning the strawberries and trimming back the roses and planting a few perennial flowers here and there just because we want to.


We’re pulling out the old broken wood border and replacing it with something…better (imagine me giggling my head off!).


Oh, we’re ready all right to go out there and get to work making it all beautiful and orderly and crisp and tidy and flowery…




Carrot Patch Cupcakes

While everyone is out planting their real gardens around here, I must confess that I’ve been working on a few “seedlings” of my own. Heh, heh, heh. Aren’t these the cutest little garden cupcakes you’ve ever seen? And such a painless way to get a few more–ahem–vegetables into your system. Baaaa!

Start with fruity Mike and Ikes. I picked several kinds to make sure I had plenty of orange ones.

Plus all the leftovers didn’t hurt my feelings any either.  :}

I’d never seen Rips Whips before, and I tore them out of the bag before getting a picture. Essentially, they are skinny, little multicolored licorice strings. You’ll be using the green ones–so go ahead and eat the rest.

First just take a paring knife and make a tiny cut clear through the top of each little orange candy.

Now, cut the green licorice into one inch pieces. Then with scissors or a knife cut through the top of the licorice about half way down the piece so it looks like greenery.

Next, gently pinch the sides of the orange candy to open the cut up just a bit. Don’t get too rambunctious with this step or you’ll crack the outsides and make them ugly. Then, well, you’ll have to eat them.

Now poke the green stems into the top of your carrot. I used the tip of a knife to set it in–that worked the best for me.

Carefully squeeze your carrot closed a bit around the green top.

Oh, just look at your little harvest! Aren’t they adorable?!

All that’s left to do now is to “plant” your little candy carrots into your favorite patch…I mean batch of chocolate cupcakes. These sweet things–along with a tall glass of ice water–will make a fine reward for all those little backyard farmers coming in from a long day with the rototiller. Wouldn’t you say?

Oh, I do so love Spring!