I took a little stroll around the back yard today. Soooo many pretty things to see…


all of which, I didn’t plant. They were here when we bought the house.


Looks as though someone put a lot of love and care into each and every plant.

I suspect, most of them have been here for a very long time.


A few of the bushes desperately need a good pruning…


while others can just go ahead and grow to the moon and back–they are just that pretty.


Trouble is–with the exception of the Hens & Chicks– I don’t know what any of them are, what they need, or how and when to prune them. I would be happy to look it up, but without knowing what they are called, I’m at a bit of a standstill.


If any of you know what plants I’m dealing with, would you let me know in the comments below?

That way, I can do some research and take care of them properly–you know, leave them alone or cut them back.

In the meantime…


The girls are very willing to help.


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Nearly There~


So we scrimped and we saved and we gathered every penny from the couch cushions and FINALLY were able to march right on down to the IFA and buy the chicken yard of my dreams. It’s enormous. Rhen had it put up in no time.

But the very next day…


this crazy stuff started pouring down. As badly as I want my little chicken girlies to be free and roam about in their new yard–I’d like them not to drown in it. *sigh*

So, we’ll have to wait a bit for dryer weather to try it out.

Pray for my anxious, crowded birdies–and for some sunshine. Will you?

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Scattered Showers


Just on my way to teach class and felt compelled to snap a  picture of that sky. This is what the weather man calls mostly sunny.


Once I got to class it opened up into a full bore torrent. Sorry, but I didn’t get any pictures of the barrage. It felt smarter to just stay inside and wait for Noah to sail by.

Trust me when I say–it was wet–lovely and exciting, but very wet.

April showers…and all that jazz.

Odd Little Storm


So, it’s April, and we have our green leaves and budding trees and flowers popping up all over the place and POOF!

We get this.


At first we thought that it was just a flukey little fly-by storm…


but it just kept stopping and starting, over and over…


for two days!


I kept thinking, “Oh, sure. NOW it snows.” Just when we’ve given up on any winter and started wearing flip flops.


Don’t get me wrong–our poor mountains can use the snow pack–we’ll take it. But we watched for snow. We begged for snow. We prayed for snow…3 months ago.

Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor.


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Blooming Trees

100 Happy Days #39 010

Ooooh, I’m snapping my camera as fast…




I can.


Because all this pink magic, simply refuses to stay for long.

Only a few days actually.


And then no matter how much we whine and fuss, it all starts coming down.


Mother Nature– the lovely, luscious, litterbug.

Say that three times fast.