Lazy Days of Autumn

These–warm one minute–snowing the next–days of Autumn have called for some sweet little additions to the baby girl wardrobe. Something that works so well with layers and tights and fluffy boots, but also would look simply smashing with just a T-shirt was in order. Once again, I give you…

another installment of the Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver and S. It’s the same one we used last Halloween because it’s just so darn simple. So simple, in fact, that I made two at the same time. One for the baby of the house with black ribbon on the bottom…

and one for Princess Peach (aka Lily), with cream ribbon on the bottom. They work up so fast and look so adorable, that I’m rummaging through the fabric stash with big plans for Thanksgiving…and Christmas…and Hanukkah…and New Year…and Valentine’s Day…and Easter…and 4th of July…

and Halloween. I want to be ready, you know?

:} To download your own free copy of the Lazy Days Skirt just click right  HERE

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Some Scary Stuff

You see all kinds of ridiculous stuff when you’re on the highway for days at a time. Some of it interesting…

and some of it downright spooky. See for yourself…

Not a big fan of tunnels that go through mountains…or under rivers…or at all actually. I’m perfectly happy to go around the darn things. So add to the general creepiness a Prestone jug yellow hue and you’ve got a real eerie driving tube.  Get out–get out–get out.

Now this could be an attempt to pass going very, very badly…but don’t be afraid. It’s not. This is actually a Semi towing another Semi…backwards. Just a tad startling to look up from a good book and see a this staring you in the face.

Seriously?! Would you build your brand new hotel at the base of not one, but TWO huge precariously teetering boulders? What were they thinking?!

I like pancakes, but not enough to want to be one. wow.

You can’t really tell from here–but this is crawling tube at a roadside McDonald’s is reeeally high…like a million feet up. Well, to Grammy anyway. I’m pretty sure this is the farthest that little Lilly has every been from home…alone.

My new favorite book series and best road trip pal. We were slow to get started with them–but everyone but the babies is neck deep in the series now. Very, very scary and thrilling at the same time. It’s the first book I’ve ever read that actually makes me jump.

Here’s the best one of all. So your driving along…minding your own business…when you just happen to look over at the vehicle to your right. Yeeeah. I’m sorry–is that a freaking  missile right next to us?! Like the kind they blow up small countries with?

I’m patriotic and all that, but come on. They just drive these suckers down the street?! Not sure whether to speed way up or slow way down or make a sharp left and bolt to Alaska. We took off like…well, like a minivan being chased by a missile, that’s what. We’d have had a great story for the policeman giving us a ticket.

“Well you see officer…there was this missile…”


Just for that…

we’re coming home!