Uncle Sam–the Squirrel

By now, you have to be expecting SOME kind of post about our favorite squirrel–right?

Short of little Tarmac holding a live sparkler–I personally couldn’t think of a better “get up” than good ol’ Uncle Sam!!

I made two versions of the US flag that he’s holding–neither of which made me incredibly happy. The first had good stripes but a funky blue space. The second had an ok blue space but weird stripes.

Ahhh well. It needs to be the thought that counts because I’m not keen on doing it again.

We’ll be content to know that we have the most patriotic squirrel in the land.

And who else can say that?

Happy Flag Day!!

Look at us and our amazing patriotic kitties! Chili and Hobbes are good sports, but alas–Lyla would have none of it.

We love any occasion to hang the flag. To be honest, I’m always tempted to just leave it up from Memorial Day to Labor Day because it makes my makes my little red, white and blue soul happy.

Enjoy the day my friends.