The Mysterious Tail Toy

Since Lyla has retired from her kitty-mommy days–her fir has really grown in and gone nuts. Being half Persian and half Maine Coon–that adds up to tons of awesome hair and a surprisingly fluffy tail.

Apparently, the extra fluff has even caught her by surprise. She’s been playing with this crazy new “toy” all afternoon–not realizing it’s… you know…attached.

I had to force myself not to laugh out loud when she pulled her own tail so hard that she almost flipped herself. The best part was when she looked all scandalized in my direction– like I had done something to her.

Lyla may be a little…ummm…slow on the uptake–so-to-speak, but she’ll save us a fortune on cat toys.


If our little Lyla was not a cat, but a person instead–she would be that flirty girl in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Violet Bick.

Remember that scene where the girl says, “Oh, this old thing? I only wear this  when I don’t care how I look!”

The smile she smiles–right there as she prances away from all the guys, with their jaws hanging open.

That is Lyla…

…the flirt.

We should have named her Violet.


My Sweet Babies

Ok, is your heart just melting right now? Mine is. Our little babies are at that adorable phase where they look more like stuffed animals than actual, live kittens.

This is Tilly Clawhauser, our true calico.

Of course, they are also at the age where they wiggle so much that it’s a miracle if I can get a clear picture of them…at all.

This is little Tiger Tummy.

And in case you’re worried, nooooo, I’m not holding them by the neck to get the shot. They are sitting on my lap and I’m propping them up with my hand. My sweet little grandson saw the pictures and asked why I was choking them. I’m not, honey…I swear.  Yikes.

This is Jersey Pie.

Lastly, we have the one we simply call Grey Baby. Because except for his feet, he’s…you know…grey.

I love, love, LOVE having kittens in the house. It just makes me so happy. Plus, it makes the grandkids visit more often.

That’s a big plus.



Keeping An Eye On Lyla

We’re keeping a close eye on this pretty little kitty.

But perhaps I should be careful with the word “little” in this case, because while all the rest of the time this gal is absolutely petite and whispy–right now…

…she’s expecting about 20 kittens–from the looks of it. She is–I would say–a tad more substantial. Yikes.

Any second now…

I’ll let you know when the kitty stork arrives.