The Kitty Kingdom

Our three sweet babies.

Good old Hobbes who bears the scars of all the battles he’s been in to save us all from the threats–real or imaginary that are outside that window.

Sweet, gentle Lyla who dashes and ducks from every sound she hears, yet lowers her head and growls if a stranger comes to our porch.

The baby- little Dali who hasn’t a care in the world and still can’t figure out why she isn’t allowed to climb my leg like a tree or eat my bracelet.

It’s our lovely kitty kingdom and my goodness how we love it.

Three kitties seems to be the perfect number…

for us.

Sleeping With the Enemy

Soooo this is a first.

Normally, Lyla steers way clear of Hobbes because he’s always jumping on her and knocking her over–you know–all the tough guy stuff. He’s too much of a wild boy for her prissy nature and…well, she’s just plain scared of him.

So to look over and see the two of them in the same corner of the universe–never mind the same bed– was beyond belief.  I can’t even tell you.
Will wonders never cease?

Apparently not.

One thing I did notice though–only one of these kitties is actually sleeping. Lyla’s no dummy and she’s not taking her eyes off this dude.
Love at home, indeed…

with one eye open. Ha.

The Mysterious Tail Toy

Since Lyla has retired from her kitty-mommy days–her fir has really grown in and gone nuts. Being half Persian and half Maine Coon–that adds up to tons of awesome hair and a surprisingly fluffy tail.

Apparently, the extra fluff has even caught her by surprise. She’s been playing with this crazy new “toy” all afternoon–not realizing it’s… you know…attached.

I had to force myself not to laugh out loud when she pulled her own tail so hard that she almost flipped herself. The best part was when she looked all scandalized in my direction– like I had done something to her.

Lyla may be a little…ummm…slow on the uptake–so-to-speak, but she’ll save us a fortune on cat toys.