View From The Inside

I woke up feeling pretty perky. Embarrassingly so. Apparently, I told the doctor all about my natural pain killing methods that involved piping a few layers of Frangipane under my knee cap to make it nice and cushy. Good. Grief.  They should definitely muzzle a chick on pain meds. No question.

I couldn’t really see my knee because it was all wrapped and covered most of the time. So, there was nothing to do but to focus on the food. Haha. Believe it or not it was great.

They had me get up and stand real soon after I woke up, then walk over to a chair sit. It wasn’t painful but it was very scary. On day two a therapist came in and walked me all around the nurses station. Still being on medication from the original surgery made me think I was really brave and tough, but the nurses told me it would wear off soon and then I would feel it. So, I had Rhen put Frankincense on the bottoms of both feet–so I’d be ready for the sensations that were coming. I wasn’t sure if I needed to hide my “hippie oils” from the medical folks or not. Turns out that one came in and said, “Ahhhhh, frankincense! I LOVE that one!” So, I knew I was going to be fine.

When the feeling came back to my leg– it wasn’t any big deal AT all. The oil prepping was doing just what I’d hoped.

Yay! New knee!

So Dang Brave

This is me walking right up to the hospital to have pre-surgery lab work done. I am so, so brave. Nobody is even with me to drag…ummm… I mean, to walk me in there.

I’m practicing my adult skills–that I must admit, don’t come out to play very often.

Breathe deep.

Breathe deep.

“This won’t hurt a bit. Just a little pinch.”


Gritting My Teeth

You know…I’ve gotten so used to seeing my own knees…

that I didn’t really realize just how swollen and strange they actually look.

Well, the clock’s ticking and this little knee is about to get a total overhaul.

I’m not much of a doctor/hospital/OTC Meds sort of soul–but this I know…

I’ve got to be able to walk.

So–mustering up all my bravery.