Down In The Mouth

Today, my situation calls for gentle care—in the form of berry smoothies…

a bit of light reading (luckily, my copy of Rhythm of the Family came in the mail today!)…

anything lovely from the freezer—especially if it’s loaded with peaches…very cold peaches…

my recipe organizer–for future blog post planning…

heavy-duty ice packs… (are you seeing a pattern here?)

and a big old bottle of Lortab.

Had a dental adventure to facilitate future bridge work.

Ok, ok…I had three teeth pulled, and may I just say…dude. New experience for this old bird–and believe me, if I’d have had any top secret information that they wanted, I’d have given it…gladly.

But, truth be told, I’m incredibly grateful to live in the 21st Century where we have anesthesia, antibiotics, pain killers, and anti-bacterial hand soap.

But this very minute, I’m most grateful for the never ending supply of Otter Pops…

a special, life-saving gift from…

the Tooth Fairy.

I do believe in fairies.

:}                                                                                                                                                                          551



Pilgrim’s Remembrance

Nov. 30 039

As we gather to prepare our Thanksgiving feast for tomorrow, it’s fun for us to think about many of you–with your loved ones–perhaps doing the very same thing and likely for the very same reason…to show love and gratitude for our many, many blessings.

Thanksgiving projects 050

During the hard winter of 1620-21 the food supplies of the Pilgrims fell so low that each person received a ration of only five grains of corn at a time. After many later years of plenty, it became a custom in early New England to place the five grains of corn at each person’s place as a reminder of the hard winter the Pilgrims had weathered in their first few seasons.

A rain 025

Can you imagine?  Wouldn’t this be a wonderful way to help our families realize and appreciate the love, abundance and bounty we enjoy in our lives?

Savor these moments…

“We often take for grated those things for which we should be most grateful.”

Cynthia Ozick

Einstein’s Grandkids’ Riddle

Einstein laughing

Einstein Laughing

Mr. Einstein is laughing because, as far as we can tell he didn’t have any children…so grandchildren would be “optimism to the point of foolishness.”

One lazy day a few summers ago, my daughter sent me a Brain Teaser called “Einstein’s Riddle” to mess around with. If I remember correctly—she hated it. Now, in her defense, I’ll tell you–she is one smart cookie, so it isn’t that she couldn’t do it. I think for some people this is an uncomfortable exercise–because it asks your brain to solve a problem in a way that many aren’t use to.

The story behind Einstein’s riddle is that Albert Einstein created it about a hundred years ago and claimed that 98% of the world population couldn’t solve it. I, personally have no idea if Albert Einstein had anything to do with this puzzle in real life, but I know this…more and more people are able to solve it these days.

Maybe our brains are evolving.

Maybe we play with numbers more than the average Joe did in 1909.

Maybe it’s the Wii.

Who knows?


The bald kid read an article in Popular Science (I know, I know) that said, “There is a relatively untapped area of the brain that is activated by two known exercises— Sodoku and the Rubix Cube.” Sodoku actually keeps your brain young! Who’d of thought? I—in my infinite wisdom—believe that this riddle is along the same lines—though, luckily, not as complicated at a the cube.

Now the fun part.


At the risk of being blasphemous to Mr. Einstein, we’ve taken the liberty of  “modernizing” his puzzle just a bit to keep it interesting. Fear not–the integrity of the original riddle is still intact. Take a minute and play with us—it’s the weekend…come on…

When you think you have the answer–post a comment saying, something like, “I’ve got it!”  Now listen carefully to this part…I mean it…


That would spoil it for everyone–wouldn’t it?

Are you ready? Here goes—

Einstein Grandkids’ Riddle

– In a street there are five houses, painted five different colors.

– In each house lives a man with a different name. (William, Steven, Daniel, Tyler and  Greg)

– These five homeowners each have a favorite beverage, eat a different treat and keep a different pet.

Einstein’s riddle is: Who owns the Clown Fish?

Necessary clues:

1.  William lives in a red house.
2.  Steven has a poodle.
3.  Daniel drinks Powerade.
4.  The Green house is on the left of the White house.
5.  The owner of the Green house drinks orange juice.
6.  The person who eats M&M’s has a parakeet.
7.  The owner of the Yellow house eats Skittles.
8.  The man living in the center house drinks chocolate milk.
9.  Tyler lives in the first house.
10. The man who eats Twix lives next to the one who has a tabby cat.
11. The man who keeps a Buckskin Horse lives next to the man who eats Skittles.
12. The man who eats Lemonheads drinks Kool-Aid.
13. Greg eats Gummi Bears.
14. Tyler lives next to the blue house.
15. The Twix eater lives next to the one who drinks Vitamin Water.

Good luck!


Ever wonder what a person’s leg would look like if it got shot by an arrow? Well, I’ve never thought about it, but I got the info first hand anyway…or first leg…or…nevermind.


Ok, ok. So not shot exactly. More like arrowed. Yes, that would probably be a better word. Arrowed just above the knee.

No, it wasn’t a passing Boy Scout working on his merit badges. He got that one at Scout Camp.

No, it didn’t have anything to do with Cupid. I have a restraining order out on that guy–and any grown man in a diaper, for that matter.

No, it wasn’t a violent ambush by a pack of crazed Aborigines. I would have seen that coming.

Trust me.  This was worse.

Unbeknown to me the said arrow was covertly poking it’s mean little tail feathers out from the top of a box…in the hallway…where I was innocently walking…when it leaped out and attacked me.

All right. All right.

I walked right into it.

Arrowed–shot. Shot–arrowed. What’s the difference? All I know is that the pain was like being bit by a Rhino–do they bite? Oh, who cares. It nearly dropped me to the floor. The room seriously spun while I stood there trying to figure out what had just happened in this previously benign hallway.

In other words…it hurt like crap.

I’ll never see that hallway in exactly the same light again. In fact, next time I’ll turn on the light before I venture forth. That would’ve helped.


(Just imagine the whining if it had been the pointed end!)

Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Everyone!

An Apple a Day…


New Year’s Goal #7

“To eat more healthily and cut wayyyy back on sugar–so that I can be here to play with my babies for a long, long time.”

Who wouldn’t want that?

Too bad, all I can say here is a great, big, “Yikes!”

Actually, believe it or not, I was doing great for about 5 weeks. Sugar and I were barely speaking…

Oh, I wasn’t doing too much label reading or anything–it was more like just not eating the cookie, or donut, or ice cream. Now and then I’d make a treat or something and taste it, but honestly, skipping it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.

For me, the secret was to  tell myself that I could have whatever I wanted–if I REALLY wanted it. However, I needed to drink water first–which magically made an apple sound and taste better.

Anyway, it worked. The weight was coming off. Wahooo!

Until, that is, the evil Easter candy came along. It was bad, as you may remember.

There’s more. What you didn’t know–unless you’ve been to my house in the last week–is that one quick trip to a town called Logan and you can really end up with a kink in your cart.  Logan is a two hour drive from my place and so whenever we go there, we always stop at the Gossner’s Cheese Outlet. Sounds harmless enough.

We buy Provalone, Swiss, Mozzarella, Smokey Gouda…

…squeeky Cheddar.

…and root beer milk. Incredible.

These things are pretty much good for you, right?— so I’m not worried. Also, when it’s as fresh as you can possibly get it–yeah, the cows are right outside the back door– I can’t feel really bad about this place.

Sadly, now we come to the truly evil part of the story.

Down the road a spell from Logan, there is a great, huge, magical factory that no doubt employs hundreds and thousands of people, thus raising the standard of living in the Logan area to a…um…well, a higher standard.

That’s a plus–right? Of course, right.

The frightening news is that this factory is…a…dare I say it?

I dare…

a…cookie factory. You should be screaming right about now.

Here is how we handled the Pepperidge Farm Cookie Outlet.

There are no words to describe it. In fact, this whole experience may require some intense group therapy…

we can meet at my house…I have cookies! HA!

Ok, ok…seriously. I’m ready to behave again. Truly, I am.

And to prove my determination–

First: I put all my Easter candy in the bald kid room. Trust me, it now has the life expectancy of a sycamore moth.

Some clapping here–please.

Second: I put new twist ties on the cookie bags and ate a banana instead of ripping a big hole in the Milano bag–as previously planned.

A bit of cheering is in order now.

Thirdly: Later in the day, instead of downing 47 Brussels and 22 Piroettes, I opted for a handful of the babys’ animal cookies…and they weren’t even good.


I intend to be thin and gorgeous really soon so I can play with my babies forever. Or at least to fit better in an squishy, ridiculous airplane seat. I’ll do it–you’ll see.

In the meantime…I have a hot date with a treadmill.

Toss me an apple, would ya?