The Toe Biter

Since he’s gotten a couple of teeth, Mr. Magoo has decided that there are many, many things in this world that he can bite.

One of them, unfortunately, would be, and unsuspecting person’s toes.  :/

But even for the sake of a possibly funny picture, I couldn’t actually let him do it–and risk the girlie losing a didget so I said, “Hey, dude!” just loud enough to stop him. He turned and let go. Doesn’t he look like he’s saying, “Whaaaat?”

But I was there, and I’m telling you that he came close, very, very close to giving Miss Chompy’s big toe a good, hard, think-bear-trap-type bite…and she knew it too. You see, she’s been to this place before and though she’s a patient, gentle, loving big sister–those two teeth are much like a highly sophisticated hole punch when they meet soft tissue. I too am a witness.

I was, however, determined to prove to you that we do indeed have a little wild man on the loose in these parts.

And now that I have my proof, my only advice to strangers in town would be…

wear your shoes.