Tink’s Fairy Cottage

Finally, finally finished…

and ready to be taken over by fairy folk.

And I dare say that as soon as Lily sees it, there will be pixie dust everywhere.

It has room to lounge around..

or to play Statue Maker in the corner…

or to just sit back and laugh your head off.

Whatever floats your boat.

With button closures to hold it together…

and a cozy pocket to keep everyone calm and collected and safe.  Kinda makes you want to be a fairy–doesn’t it?

Well, if you want to make a sweet little doll house, or barn or garage or fairy cottage–it’s really up to you—I found the instructions at UK Lass in US. Be sure to read through the directions a few times to get it all sorted out in your head. I made 3 at one time–so I’ll have to show you the other two…

as soon as I finish them.

So tell me…what do you think?


Unsuspecting Wood Sprites

Hard to believe, I know, but these charming Fairy-folk were magically captured in the meadow one day, while romping…

and playing…

taking sweet calmness…

and wild animal behavior…

in flitting, gentle turns.

So, my dear friends–if you find yourself in the woods, or the forest, or the meadow, any time soon–and it seems to you, unusually quiet…

we know why.

I’ll give you a hint…


have captured…






~More Than Memories Photography by Marta Smith

Fairy Garden?

Have you seen the movie, “Fairy Tale?”

In it, two little girls discover a raft of fairies down by the river. They build them a tiny house and appease them with fairy cake–a favorite of fairies. Eventually the girls even take photographs of flitting fairies–baffling the whole world.

The movie also mentions that mushrooms and toadstools are magical fairy things. If it’s true–we have a busload of fairy dust floating around our place these days.

June 10 071

With four days of straight rain–toadstools and mushrooms are popping up everywhere–some in the middle of the yard all alone…

June 10 068

…most of them in little clusters.

The bald kid mows them down, and the next day…

They pop right back up—sometimes the size of dinner plates.

June 10 080

These brave souls have even formed themselves into a fairy ring.  In case you didn’t know,  a fairy ring is “the phenomena resulting from the dancing footsteps of fairies; a hallowed place to magical folk.”

Very cool.

Apparently you can get into big trouble for messing with or mowing down a fairy ring–like being stolen away into the fairy kingdom, never to return–that sort of thing.  I told the bald kid to mow around it, you know, just in case. I figured he’d feel pretty bad if they swiped him away to live with the sprites forever. He’s a big guy—Heaven only knows what they’d feed him.

He wasn’t afraid.

He said, “Bring it.”

June 22 080

This generation and their total disregard for things that really matter.


I believe I shall run and make some cake.

How about you—do you believe in fairies?