Audience With the Princess

100 Happy Days #15


Perhaps it’s cheating to have my “happy days” photo be from a few months back–but I’ll defend myself by saying that I found these pictures today–and I smiled because they were just so much fun. Here’s the deal~

I came upstairs one morning a while back and found that Miss Chompy had lined up every pony, every Strawberry Shortcake person, every Carebear and well…every single mythical, magical creature that she could get her hands on…


not just on the banister, but on the chairs and across the floor. I took as many pictures as I could, but the best shots that explain it all–didn’t turn out. (My camera skills are somewhat lacking…still)

When I asked the girlie what was up with all her critter friends she looked at me like I had a blue face and said,

“Wellllll, Grammy–they’re in a big long line…

to see Princess Celestia.


And they’re going to have to wait a long, long time…

because she talks a lot.”

My kinda gal.



Things To Love At Home


This silly kitty who somehow thinks she runs the place.


A few solitary cucumbers lurking out in the garden among the pumpkins…and weeds. gak.


More glorious crochet to keep my hands busy.


A big brave three-legged kitty with lots of black fur growing back in, who actually does run the place.


Fresh bananas for my favorite bowl of cereal.


A great bit of mending that needs to be done.


A busload of plums that ought to be eaten very soon…I’ll get right on that.


A sparkly new magnet for my file cabinet…


to go with all the rest.

The Polar Plunge


This might look to you like a lovely summer evening by the beach…nice and warm and cozy. Ahhh, but you, my friends would be sadly mistaken. It was nice in town and in the house, but sincerely, down there by the water it was positively freezing. This is NOT SanDiego, or Florida or Hawaii.

This is Oregon and it’s a bit nippy out today.


And apparently, somebody let the crazy guys out.

A Teeny Tiny Football Day

Our house was waaaay up from the beach so when I watched these guys doing that which they always do–throwing a football–they were so far away that I could barely see who was who. After zooming in and cropping, this is what we get…that is until the Bald Kid went behind the cliff and I couldn’t see him anymore.

Maybe if you scroll through fast, it will look like a flip book or something.

No matter where we go,

or how long they’ve been apart…

some things…

between these boys…





Oh, how I love them.


Oregon~ Beach House


I promised to show you the insides of the wonderful beach house that was our home for nearly a week.

Are you ready?


This is the kitchen/great room. It was positively perfect!

The stairs leading to the loft/playroom. That’s the front door on the bottom right.

The first place that Miss Lily went was out on to the deck to check out the view.



looking in.


The beach was actually quite a ways below our back deck.


We had to go down about a thousand stairs at the end of the block to get all the way to the water.  These stairs went to the lower patio where the hot tub was.

The loft had just enough space for the Bald Kid to stake it out as “his room.”


Josh, scoping out the kitchen.

Dane thinking deep thoughts about…I don’t know what.

Jacob and Magoo…


Kortney and Lyndi.


The little guy staying up way past his bedtime. But heck, it’s vacation…


and there’s a ping pong tournament going on.


Don’t wait up.