A Patriotic Bunting

The Patriotic bug has absolutely taken over at this place!!

I saw this pattern somewhere and couldn’t resist. I already had all the colors–which made it so easy.

And it only took a couple of nights listening to my favorite podcast and they were finished.

My kind of project indeed. I pondered how to tie them together and did a temporary strand of yarn –just to see how they looked and poof! That did it.

I liked the simple strand bows so much that that’s how they’re staying.

Only trouble is–I love all the Red, White and Blue so much–I can’t stop!!

You’ll see….

Uncle Sam–the Squirrel

By now, you have to be expecting SOME kind of post about our favorite squirrel–right?

Short of little Tarmac holding a live sparkler–I personally couldn’t think of a better “get up” than good ol’ Uncle Sam!!

I made two versions of the US flag that he’s holding–neither of which made me incredibly happy. The first had good stripes but a funky blue space. The second had an ok blue space but weird stripes.

Ahhh well. It needs to be the thought that counts because I’m not keen on doing it again.

We’ll be content to know that we have the most patriotic squirrel in the land.

And who else can say that?

And A Few Balloons~















IMG_3228 - Copy

Pretty awesome, early morning of fruit pizza, babies, cinnamon rolls, rain drizzling,  half hearted balloons inflating, and nearly all the people I love in this lovely world.

I sincerely treasure these days.

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Happy 4th of July!!


Of course, everyone celebrates holidays in their own family fashion–but this one, for us, simply needs to include a big pile of the day-time, mostly kid-friendly fireworks. You know, tanks, parachutes, crackly bombs, snakes, poppers,  and…


smoke bombs. I know, you were thinking that I’d show a picture of the actual smoke coming out of that silly little thing–weren’t you? Yeah, well, every time I tried to take a picture, the colored smoke that the kids have LOVED for a million years–was gone in like 4 seconds. I’m not kidding. Is it just me or were some of the fireworks way, WAY shorter and smaller and…ummm, dare I say–cheaper this year? Hmmmm….

But I digress.


My cute little pyros still enjoyed themselves lighting every possible combustible thing in site.


Then came the Tank war–and the rock-paper-scissors to see who would go first.


Bald guy won.


Probably, if you want the best tank war pictures on the face of the earth, you should give the camera to a crazy teen-aged boy who has no fear of losing an eye or a couple of fingers.


That ain’t me baby.  So, you’ll have to believe it when I tell you that it was epic. Except for the fact that THIS year, the tanks didn’t shoot 18 inches of sparkly flames AND they didn’t have wheels. Seriously, firework people?! How can you have a tank battle when nothing moves. Good grief.


At least we had pizza and that made it all better.


And I finally got a shot of the smoke bombs–that shall henceforth be known as smoke WHISPS. Let’s be accurate.


The baby boy had a lovely time and didn’t even have to cover his ears for most of it, and he even caught a couple of parachutes. I was too busy clapping to get a picture of that–sorry.


The big boy had a marvelous time too because, well…because he was setting things on fire and that’s really all it takes for a grown-up-little boy to find pure unadulterated joy. You know it’s true.


Everyone left at dusk to go to the Cul-de-sac of Fire up the street…


 but I found that from the yard, the view was perfect…


and I didn’t have to deal with ashes in my face…


or tiny pieces of cardboard landing on my head.


Of course, from my very own bed worked nicely too.

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