Siona and Kailoa

We had heard about HypnoBirthing from a friend who just was in awe that her sister wasn’t screaming at the top of her lungs while giving birth to her baby boy.  So I had to find out for myself what this was all about…and I was so glad I did.  I waited a little too long so I was only able to go to two classes before my beautiful baby girl entered this world.  She was a week early so hopefully that means she’ll be punctual!!

I feel that everything I learned just in the first class alone was worth every penny and every minute of my time.  I realized that oh!…this was natural…our bodies were built to do this and a calm sense of relief came over me.  As now, instead of being scared about what was to come…I was able to look forward to it and see it more as an opportunity to be strong minded and to focus more on the pure beauty of this miracle that was going to take place.

I was planning on staying home as long as I could before going to the hopsital but unfortunately my water broke and when I went to the hospital for them to check what was going on, they recommended that I stay there.  Plus, I tried to change doctors once I found out I had the forcep King!!  But it was too late so to my dismay the doctors order was no walking, no jacuzzi so basically I was contained to my little hospital bed that…well as we all know…is not the most comfortable!!  But still, I wanted to do my best so I listened to my Hypnobirthing CD and I can honestly say that when I was focused on the right things, there was no pain.  It was as though I was almost asleep but my body was very calm.  I could breathe through the surges quite easily.  I’m sure those 3 other classes would have made a difference but near the end of my delivery I could have done better but again, we’ll focus on the good of my delivery.

My doctor said that in a few hours if I wasn’t dialated to a 4 or 5 he would start the pitosin and right there I was so upset.  I know if it wasn’t for HypnoBirthing I would have had a birth the way the doctors would have wanted.  I would have been induced and I would have received an episiotomy but my husband, who by the way was an amazing advocate for me, stood strong to what WE wanted as OUR birthing plan.  So I refused the pitosin which I really didn’t need, they just wanted to speed things up.  My husband literally argued with the doctor as I’m trying to push stating that we did NOT want an episiotomy.  Luckily my husband was relentless and we were able to have the delivery we wanted, for the most part.  Although I tore in 4 places I healed very well, in fact I had a great recovery.

When I saw my daughter for the first time, I was so humbled at what had just taken place.  What a miracle.  Our beautiful daughter had arrived and we couldn’t have been happier.  We named her Kaiona Tusaga Tejada.  Kaiona is a combination of our names and she’s also a Hawaiian Goddess who leads those who are lost and Tusaga is my grandma’s name on my mother’s side.  It has been a year now and my love for her has grown immensely.  We can’t wait to welcome more spirit’s into this world.

HypnoBirthing played such a huge role in our birthing plan, and we thank God that we were introduced to it when we were.  Thank you so much Launi for everything.


Kailoa, Siona and Kaiona

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